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  • Two ways of writing the introduction hands down. There are many ways to write

  • an introduction. In this video, I'm going to teach you the two easiest and most

  • effective ways to write the introduction.

  • The first way of writing the introduction hands down is by

  • paraphrasing sentences in the question. After paraphrasing sentences in the

  • question,

  • all you need to do is to present your position clearly in one sentence which

  • will be your thesis statement. It functions to guide your readers and let

  • them understand what your essay is about. If you write your introduction in this way,

  • your introductory paragraph is likely to consist of two or three

  • sentences. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of

  • paraphrasing or have no idea what it is, paraphrasing is a way of

  • rewriting sentences using different sentence structures or vocabulary while

  • preserving the meaning of the original sentences. In this way, you'll be able to

  • keep the key idea that was in the original sentence but only express it in

  • a different way.

  • Simply speaking, the content is the same but only how the content is

  • delivered is different.

  • Imagine jam in a jar and the same jam spread on a slice of bread. In fact, they

  • are the same jam! Now let's take a look at sample questions and write

  • introductions by paraphrasing, I'm going to use sample question 2 as our first

  • example. First you should paraphrase the sentences. You have two sentences in the

  • question followed by instructions. All you need to do is to paraphrase the two

  • sentences that provide context. Then you need to give a thesis statement that

  • directly responses to the instruction and give an idea of what your essay isabout.

  • These are the two sentences that you need to paraphrase. Remember, what you

  • need to do is to keep the main ideas

  • as they are in the original sentences but deliver them differently.

  • Here's how I've paraphrased them. It is undeniable that famous sports players

  • gain a lot more income than those engaged in important occupations. Some

  • people believe it is fair

  • whilst others think this can be barely justified. Now, look at how the main ideas are

  • expressed differently in the new sentences by comparing the two versions:

  • original and paraphrased. I started my new sentence with 'it is undeniable that...'

  • This changes the whole sentence structure. In the question it states

  • 'successful sports professionals.' The new sentence says 'famous sports players'.

  • Instead of 'earn,' the word 'gain' is used. In place of 'a great deal more money,' I wrote

  • 'a lot more income'. In place of writing 'people in other important professions.'

  • I wrote 'those engaged in important occupations.' In the second sentence I

  • wrote 'believe,' in place of 'think'. Instead of writing 'fully justified,' I wrote 'fair'

  • I substituted 'unfair' with 'can barely be justified.'

  • Please note that synonyms come in handy when paraphrasing. Therefore, the more

  • vocabulary you know, the easier it becomes to paraphrase. Different

  • vocabulary changes the complexion of sentences and make them look colorful

  • and different from the original sentences. After you've paraphrased the

  • sentences in the question, always add one sentence that directly answers the

  • instructional sentence in the question at the end of your introduction. In this

  • case, the instruction asks you to discuss both these views and give your own

  • opinion so in your thesis statement, you can simply write, "this essay will discuss

  • both views then present my personal opinion." This is the completed

  • introduction. I'm going to use

  • sample question two as our next example. Let's have a look at it. In this question,

  • you only have one sentence that gives context. This is the only sentence that

  • you need to paraphrase. Here's my example. "There is no doubt that we are producing

  • a great amount of rubbish

  • nowadays." I started with "there's no doubt..." and this gives an impression that my

  • sentence is different from the original sentence in the question paper. I

  • replaced 'more and more rubbish' with 'a greater amount of rubbish.' I also placed

  • the word 'nowadays' at the end of the sentence. I simply paraphrased the

  • original sentence into a new one. All there is left for me to do in order to

  • complete my introductory paragraph is to respond to instructional sentences in

  • one simple thesis statement.

  • Hence I added, "this essay will examine the causes of this problem and suggest

  • what the government can do to solve this problem." Now i'm done with my

  • introduction and ready to take up for body paragraphs.The second way of

  • writing the introduction hands down is by using a funnel structure. Imagine a

  • funnel...

Two ways of writing the introduction hands down. There are many ways to write


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