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question 2 describe a favorite season
or your favorite time of the year you should say what is your favorite season
what can you do you need period and why you love that season so much
and explain are they any things that you dislike during this
season okay well my favorites is
winter and I mean a typical winter
would last around you know four to five months in my country
and with another March but when I say that
are like winter I'm really thinking about the coldest month or
to you each year and it sounds strange but I just love the cold
and you know during those really wintry months
temperatures drop below zero and often snows and over the past few years
we've had
periods of quiet heavy snowfall to extend that
roads have been blocked and schools you know closed
things like that for example last winter I remember looking out of the window one
morning and seeing
everything cover layer of white snow days and it was
really beautiful and you know this is why I love it. it's just
so beautiful and peaceful and clean and
you know you can do a lot of sports games during winter
season such as ski or simply chance you know
using snow to you
you know fight with your friends making snowballs it's really fun
and obviously this snow is what differentiates winter from the other
but when it doesn't snow they're using really much
difference between winter autumn and spring and you know the winter is a little bit
colder over here and obviously the reason why I've chosen winter as my favourite
reason is because
I like the snow. I live near the countryside
and the landscape looks
gorgeous beautiful and fantastic everything is covered
in white and you know we also celebrate Christmas and New Year in the winter
season so
you know these are my favorite festivals and which makes winter my favorite season


雅思口語-part2-favorite season (ielts-part2-Favorite Season)

376 分類 收藏
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