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Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel!
I apologize that I haven't been uploading videos regularly
but hear me out guys
the main reason is because I've just moved to a new place
so there was tons of paperwork
packing, unpacking, cleaning… involved
On top of that, I have a full-time job
so yeah
there was a lot on my plate last few weeks
Besides, my place was such a mess
that I was too embarrassed to show you guys
Anyways, those are my excuses...
I'm back now with another interesting IELTS speaking topic
Are you ready?
Let's get started!
Last Sunday, I went to a park with my family
because it was a gorgeous cloudless day!
Everyone was just chilling and hanging out together by the lake
and I was resting under an enormous tree
falling asleep
All of a sudden, I heard some kind of movement near by
and it really startled me
With a boundless imagination
I was thinking whether it could be
a squirrel?
a giant spider?
or even worse
some kind of poisonous snake
I stood up like a shot
Turned out, it was a cute little puppy
He was trying to dig into our food basket
and was completely unaware of me staring at him in amusement.
After watching him for a while,
I realized that he was there all by himself
His family must be worried sick
and they're probably looking for him all over by now
Without giving a second thought
I asked my brother to keep an eye on the puppy
and in the meantime, I set off to look for his family.
I honestly had no idea where I was heading to
but I was definitely keeping my eyes peeled.
Fortunately, after a short walk,
I saw an elderly man walking toward me.
He seemed miserable and also was on the look for something.
his eyes darting this way and that
I asked if he was missing a puppy.
After hearing that I had seen his puppy,
his face lightened up and he breathed a sigh of relief.
He said I had just made his day
and he really appreciated everything I had done to help him out.
It feels astounding when you are able to help someone.
When my family was having lunch together later that day
everyone told that my face was beaming with happiness.
Here are some similar IELTS speaking topics for you guys
I think this really is an inspiring and wonderful topic
because being thankful and expressing gratitude
is a very important part of being happy in life
like Ralph Marston said:
That's all for today
I wanted to say that I really appreciate you guys
for taking time watching my videos
I hope you all enjoyed it
I'll see you next time. Bye!


雅思口語-part2-描述一個你受到肯定評論事件 (IELTS Speaking 2: Describe an occasion when you received a positive comment)

253 分類 收藏
ben 發佈於 2018 年 7 月 26 日
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