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If you write your signature and I write my signature, they look different.
So, my aesthetic is mine and yours is yours.
So that I can't help it.
The great works of architecture express feeling.
When you visit and see them there's a transfer of feeling from the artist, the architect, over time, through the ages to now.
It's hard to come to Paris and build a building for art, and you're competing with so many great institutions so I don't know, it's very exciting!
Most people don't think of architecture as an art, and it gets blurred because architecture, as well as being an art, is an act of social conscience.
Because you're making buildings for all kinds of people, that give them shelter, make them feel loved and accepted.
I think that component of architecture sometimes doesn't go the extra notch to become the art of architecture.
After modernism, the return to historicism was very disturbing to me, they called postmodernism.
And I don't know why I said this in a lecture, I said, the Greek temples that you're emulating are anthropomorphic. Why don't you go back 300 million years before man to fish for your inspiration? If you got to go back, let's really go back."
And I don't know why I said it, it was intuitive, something.
But then I started thinking about it and I started drawing the fish, and then I realized fish shapes express movement It was a rich language, so I started to explore that idiom, that idea.
It was like Pandora's box, I was into a new paradigm, a new playground.
So that's how I got to this freedom of expression.
Making art is an act of love and making love to the world.
I study art a lot, lot ,lot, lot.
Most of my life, my friends are artists.
A few architects, but mostly artists.
How do you create feeling with a building?
I don't know, it's something I've explored for many years.
I love sailing, and this is kind of a regatta I think.
Most buildings are very static , but I like the idea of the movement, of the sense of movement, that it has.
There's a transfer of this feeling through the bricks and mortar and steel.
That's kind of amazing.
It makes me want to do more.


建築大師帶你參觀巴黎新地標:LV 美術館 (Creating Feeling with Frank Gehry)

5512 分類 收藏
Rachel Kung 發佈於 2018 年 12 月 19 日    Rachel Kung 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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