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  • Every ship is unique.

  • Even sisterships differ from one another,

  • but the aircraft carrier that we'll discuss today

  • has exceeded many in terms of her uniqueness.

  • Shipbuilders laid her down as a battleship,

  • but then changed their mind.

  • However, the ship inherited the armor,

  • secondary armament, and poor maneuverability.

  • Externally, aircraft carrier Kaga resembles Tatlin's Tower.

  • Intricate bulkheads, the typical Japanese funnel,

  • microscopic superstructures...

  • Everything is tailored for one purposeto launch aircraft.

  • In World of Warships,

  • Kaga appears at Tier VII.

  • As compared to other ships of her tier, Kaga is really huge.

  • This is the first reason for her strengths and weaknesses.

  • On the one hand, she is as visible as Tokyo skyscrapers.

  • On the other hand,

  • her huge size allows her to carry 85 aircraft!

  • With a hangar like this,

  • you don't need to be frugal when using squadrons.

  • The battleship armor will help Kaga survive longer,

  • but low maneuverability and a turning circle radius

  • of over a kilometer may well reduce your time in battle.

  • At the same time,

  • Kaga boasts the best torpedo protection for her tier!

  • Though the secondary armament has a caliber of 200 mm,

  • its firing range is short, and it fires AP shells.

  • But secondary armament isn't what makes a carrier cool, my friend.

  • And it's not the armor that gave Kaga the proud attack carrier title.

  • Of course, airplanes are key assets for a carrier.

  • And in this aspect, the Japanese ship is truly unique.

  • But first things first.

  • While Kago's fighter squadrons are pretty similar to those of other Japanese carriers,

  • no other ship in the game has bombers and torpedo bombers like this.

  • The first thing that catches your eye is that a squadron has six airplanes,

  • an unusual strength for a Japanese carrier.

  • The further we go, the more interesting it gets.

  • Her bombers are incredibly accurate.

  • For manual release,

  • the bomb sight is not much larger than Yamato's turret.

  • This is what I call precision bombing!

  • Fans of massive explosions can now put all their bombs into the target!

  • Of course, some skill is required to use this top-notch tool effectively.

  • The key to success here is practice.

  • And finally, besides being the only Japanese ship

  • that can launch two squadrons of six torpedo bombers,

  • for the first time in World of Warships,

  • a squadron attacks in two lines, each having three aircraft.

  • The first line features a wider torpedo spread,

  • and the second echelon has a narrower one.

  • At first it takes some getting used to, but then...

  • It's nothing but joy!..

  • Dodging this torpedo attack is not an easy thing to do.

  • In addition, you have two flight control variants:

  • strike and versatile.

  • So you can choose what you like best:

  • extremely accurate bombers or splendid torpedo bombers.

  • Fans of both aircraft types will have a lot of fun.

  • Judging by what we've said above,

  • Kaga should be able to wipe out anyone in her way

  • and win even the most difficult battle on her own.

  • But this only looks easy.

  • Kaga had to pay a high price for the unique characteristics of her aircraft.

  • All of them are Tier VI planes.

  • This means fewer hit points,

  • less damage caused, and lower speed.

  • A serious challenge!

  • Fighting against enemies of higher tiers will be very interesting and... difficult.

  • Therefore, every Commander skill point should be spent wisely,

  • depending on your battle tactics.

  • This is when Kaga will reveal all her strengths.

  • Indeed, she isn't the easiest ship to play,

  • but those who aren't afraid of experimenting

  • and trying different play styles will be rewarded.

  • Kaga can bring you not only increased income

  • and faster Commander training, but also unmatched pleasure!

  • Find your own way, Captains,

  • and good luck in everything!

Every ship is unique.


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