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  • This Great Big Story was made possible by Wells Fargo, established 1852, re-established 2018.

    這集影片由建立於 1852 年、重建於 2018 年的 Wells Fargo 所贊助。

  • Almost every nationality on the planet is represented in the neighborhoods of Queens, New York, which means the streets are lined with food from around the world.


  • And if there's one man who's tried them all, it's this guy.


  • Don't be fooled by his slight frame.


  • He's spent the last 20 years unearthing every hidden gem this side of the East River.

    他花了 20 年挖掘隱藏在東河這岸所有的美食。

  • We're here in downtown Flushing, and there's all sorts of things here, including Soy Bean Chen Flower Shop, which is, of course, a florist.


  • But you might wonder why Soy Bean is in the name, and that's because they sell douhua, or fresh flower tofuwonderful, warm, custardy tofuright out of this window.


  • I love this one. It's really... what a great breakfast!


  • - Hi, Joe. - Sawadi-krap. (Thai for "Hello".)

    - 嗨, Joe。 - 你好。(泰語)

  • Cherry, my sister.


  • - How are you? - It's good.

    - 你好嗎? - 很好啊!

  • Pata Paplean specializes in Thai boat noodles and it's a really funky Thai bar with this crazy decor, and the owner is, uh... trip.

    Pata Paplean 這間店的特色料理就是泰式船麵,這間時髦的泰式酒吧有著瘋狂的裝潢,老闆人也很獨特。

  • Where did you learn how to make the, uh, the boat noodles?


  • I used to cook with my mom when I was in Thailand before I moved to New York.


  • And then, no other place that make it in New York.


  • Aha.


  • - That's why I... - So it was out of necessity.

    - 這就是為什麼我 ...。 - 所以是出於必要。

  • Yeah, that's why I try to make it in here.


  • One of my favorite Tibetan restaurants, Lhasa Fast Food, is nestled in-between You and Me Wireless and Little Myanmar Mini Mart, one of the best places for Tibetan Beef Momos.

    我最喜歡的西藏餐廳之一,拉薩速食,位在 You and Me Wireless 跟 Little Myanmar Mini Mart 之間,這間店是吃西藏牛肉饃饃 (蒸餃) 最棒的地方之一。

  • If you think you're lost on the way in, just look for the prayer flags.


  • What makes the Momo unique is the masalaor seasoningthat's in there.


  • So you find Sichuan peppercorn, ginger, celery, onion.


  • I like to think of them as the hamburgers of the Himalayas, and I mean that as a compliment.


  • The reason that places like this resonate with me is because they're not trying to make it the next "it" thing, the next Instagram food.

    這種地方能讓我產生共鳴的原因是因為,他們並不是要將食物變成流行美食或 Instagram 爆紅美食。

  • It's just like, "Hey, this is what we make back home. If you like it too, come on in."


  • Queens has everything.


  • Go explore in the neighborhood and find what's out there.


  • It's super easy, accessible, delicious, and people are a lot more welcoming and open than you might think.


This Great Big Story was made possible by Wells Fargo, established 1852, re-established 2018.

這集影片由建立於 1852 年、重建於 2018 年的 Wells Fargo 所贊助。

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