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  • CBS's hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory delights in poking fun at its male characters

    CBS的熱門情景喜劇《大爆炸理論》讓人津津樂道。 惡搞

  • for their fanboy obsessions with comic books, video games, and

    痴迷漫畫 書籍、電子遊戲和...

  • Dungeons & Dragons!”


  • Often the punchlines aren't really jokes per se. Instead laughs are derived by simply

    很多時候,笑點並不是真正的笑話。 本身。相反,笑聲是由簡單的

  • referencing something that sounds vaguely nerdy.


  • Sheldon: "Did you just shut the TV off in the middle of the classic Deep Space 9, Star Trek

    謝爾頓:"你剛才是不是把電視關在了。 星際迷航

  • the Original Series Trouble with Tribbles crossover episode?"

    原創系列《小精靈的煩惱 跨界的情節?"

  • I suspect this is one of reasons why so many people involved in geek subcultures

    我懷疑這也是為什麼這麼多的人 眾多宅男宅女

  • tend to dislike the show so much. It's essentially one long joke at their expense.

    傾向於如此不喜歡這個節目。它的 基本上是以他們為代價的一個長篇笑話。

  • But I'd argue here's something more pernicious going on just under the surface.

    但我想說的是,這裡有更惡毒的東西。 在表面之下的事情。

  • Leonard: "So it's cool if I cry a little?"


  • Penny: "Yeah, I probably wouldn't." Leonard: "Yeah..."

    Penny:"是啊,我可能不會。" Leonard:"是啊......"

  • Beyond its general mocking of geekdom, the show is relentless in making fun of

    除了其對極客領域的普遍嘲諷。 節目不遺餘力地取笑。

  • its male characters for not living up to traditional expectations of manhood.

    其男性角色,因為不符合 對男子漢的傳統期望。

  • On the surface it might seem like these nerdy nice guys represent a welcome

    表面看來,這些 宅男好漢代表歡迎

  • alternative to the macho archetypes that we've all come to expect from Hollywood.

    的大男子主義原型的替代方案。 我們都期待著好萊塢的到來。

  • But on closer inspection we find that, despite their status as nerdy outsiders,

    但仔細觀察,我們發現。 儘管他們的身份是書呆子外人。

  • these guys are still complicit in many of the most destructive aspects of toxic masculinity.

    這些傢伙還在同流合汙。 毒性男子氣概最具破壞性的方面。

  • Leonard: "Yes, but our society has undergone a paradigm shift. In the information age, Sheldon,

    倫納德:"是的,但我們的社會已經經歷了。 一個模式的轉變。在信息時代,謝爾頓。

  • you and I are the alpha males. We shouldn't have to back down.

    你和我都是雄性動物我們不應該 不得不退讓。

  • I'm going to assert my dominance face to face."


  • In my previous video essay about the Adorkable Misogynist trope I discussed

    在我之前的視頻文章中,關於 我討論過的 "可愛的厭惡女人的特例"。

  • the creepy, entitled and often sexist ways in which these geeky guys treat women.

    傲慢、自大和經常的性別歧視 在這些宅男對待女人的。

  • Howard: "Get it? They're laughing. We're laughing. Then we get them up to about

    霍華德。"明白了嗎?他們在笑。我們是 笑了。然後,我們讓他們到約

  • .15 blood alcohol level, and tell them we're millionaires."

    .15的血液酒精含量,並告訴他們 我們是百萬富翁。"

  • But I think it's also worth examining how they treat each other...

    但我認為,這也值得研究一下,如何做到 彼此對待...

  • Raj: "The first thing we need is a theme. I'm thinking...turn of the century Moulin Rouge."

    "首先我們需要一個主題" "The first thing we need is a theme. 我在想... I'm thinking... 我在想... I'm thinking... 世紀之交的紅磨坊" turn of the century Moulin Rouge."

  • Leonard: "I'm thinking you need a testosterone patch."

    倫納德:"我覺得你需要一個。 睪丸素貼片。"

  • ...and by extension how the show's writers end up reinforcing a whole bunch of

    ......以及該劇的編劇們是如何 拔苗助長

  • regressive ideas about what it means to be a “real man.”

    思想倒退 要做一個 "真正的男人"。

  • Leonard: "Beer, wings, sliders. We can watch the football game. I even painted my stomach."

    倫納德:"啤酒、雞翅、滑條。我們可以看 足球比賽。我甚至還畫了我的肚子。"

  • There's a running gag on the show about how Leonard doesn't understand sports or

    在節目中,有一個插科打諢,關於 倫納德怎麼不懂體育或

  • other activities that are stereotypically associated with men.

    的其他活動 與男人有關。

  • Penny: "Go sports?"


  • Leonard: "Well, in case you were in the mood for baseball, I didn't want to look ridiculous"

    倫納德:"好吧,萬一你在。 棒球的心情,我不想看起來很可笑"

  • Leonard: "Go, go, go, YES! Are you people watching this? Is this amazing or what?!"

    倫納德:"走,走,走,YES!你們是人嗎? 看這個?這到底是神奇還是什麼?"

  • Penny: "Sweetie, that's a highlight from the '98 championship game."

    竹篙:"親愛的,這是一個亮點,從。 98年的冠軍賽。"

  • Leonard: "Oh. I did not know that."


  • The joke relies on the assumption that all men are supposed to like sports,

    這個笑話是基於這樣的假設:所有的 男人應該是喜歡運動的。

  • and therefore it's inherently funny and absurd if a guy doesn't.

    是以,它本質上是有趣和 荒唐,如果一個人不。

  • Now sitcoms are, of course, supposed to be funny


  • but as with all comedy, it's important to ask: Who are we meant to laugh with?

    但就像所有的喜劇一樣,重要的是要 問:我們是要和誰一起笑?

  • And who are we meant to laugh at?


  • Howard: "Hey."

    霍華德 Howard:"嘿"

  • Notice the laughter in this scene stems almost entirely from seeing Howard

    請注意,這一幕的笑聲源於 幾乎完全來自於看到霍華德

  • wearing an apron.


  • Raj: "What's with the gloves?"


  • Howard: "They complete my ensemble. What do you want?"

    霍華德。"他們完成了我的合奏。什麼? 你想要什麼?"

  • The humor relies on the sexist idea that domestic tasks like cooking and cleaning

    幽默依靠的是性別歧視思想,即 烹飪和清潔等家務活

  • are women's work, and therefore, Howard's masculinity is somehow diminished by

    是婦女的工作,是以,霍華德的。 男性氣質在某種程度上被削弱了。

  • being forced to clean the house. This reductive mix of sexism and emasculation

    被迫打掃屋子。這 雌雄同體

  • is really at the heart of the show's comedic formula.

    是該劇真正的核心。 喜劇公式。

  • Sheldon: "When I fail to open this jar, and you succeed, it will establish you as the

    謝爾頓:"當我沒能打開這個罐子時,而且... 你的成功,將使你成為

  • alpha male. I'm not strong enough, Leonard, You'll have to do it."

    我不夠強壯 Leonard我不夠強壯 Leonard 你必須要做。"

  • Sheldon: "Go ahead. It's pre-loosened."


  • Notice that these jokes aren't designed to challenge or subvert the limiting and

    請注意,這些笑話並不是用來 挑戰或顛覆侷限性和

  • often toxic ideas about what it means to be a "real man."

    往往是關於什麼意思的有毒想法 做一個 "真正的男人"。

  • "Do you want some help with that?" Leonard: "No, no, no."

    "你需要幫忙嗎?" 倫納德:"不,不,不。"

  • Instead, the punchlines reinforce this notion that guys who aren't physically strong,

    反而是衝鋒號強化了這一概念 那些身體不強壯的傢伙。

  • tough, or athletic are unmanly.


  • Leonard: "That's enough cardio for me. I'm gonna stretch out before I hit the weights."

    倫納德:"對我來說,有氧運動已經夠了。我是... 要去伸展之前,我打的重量。"

  • And therefore worthy of ridicule.


  • Howard: "Hold on. Pause. Something doesn't make sense."

    霍華德。"等一下。暫停一下。有些東西不 有意義。"

  • In order to move forward in this discussion, we're going to have to get academic just

    為了推進這一討論: 我們將不得不得到學術只是。

  • for a minute, and very quickly define a couple of terms. Those are

    分鐘,並非常迅速地定義了一個 幾個術語。這些是

  • Hegemonic Masculinity and Hypermasculinity.


  • Hegemonic Masculinity is a term that's used to describe the socially constructed ideal

    霸道的男性氣質是一個術語,用於 描繪社會建構的理想

  • of manhood. It's characterized by things like physical strength, aggression, domination,

    的男子氣概。它的特點是: 體力、攻擊性、支配性。

  • suppression of emotions, and heterosexuality.


  • The ideal varies somewhat based on factors like geography, but here I'm

    根據不同的情況,理想的情況有些不同 地理等因素,但在這裡我是

  • concerned with white Western manhood as shaped by Hollywood. For obvious examples

    關心西方白人男子氣概,因為 由好萊塢塑造的。顯而易見的例子

  • think of Conan the Barbarian, James Bond, or Captain America.

    想到《野蠻人柯南》、《007》。 或美國隊長。

  • All the guys on the Big Bang Theory are depicted as embodying the exact opposite

    《生活大爆炸》裡的人都是 恰恰相反

  • of that Hegemonic ideal.


  • Howard (gravelly voice): "I'm Batman."


  • So much so, that simply seeing them dress up as their favorite superhero is

    以至於僅僅看到他們的穿著 作為他們最喜歡的超級英雄是

  • in and of itself a punchine.


  • Howard: "Ow!...I mean [gravelly] Ow."

    霍華德 Howard. "嗷!..:"嗷!......我是說......""嗷"

  • The important thing to understand about this manhood ideal is that it's a fiction.

    重要的是要了解 這個男人的理想是,它是一個虛構的。

  • It only really exists in the cultural imagination. Which means that men can

    它只真正存在於文化中 想象力。這意味著,男人可以

  • never really actually achieve it.


  • However, it's still a standard against which men are held and compared.

    然而,它仍然是一個標準,可以用來衡量 男人們舉行和比較。

  • The social expectations and pressures on men to try to achieve some version of it is real

    社會對男子的期望和壓力 苟且偷生

  • as is the social status either lost or gained based on a man's perceived proximity to

    得失如斯 基於一個男人的感知,接近於

  • that ideal.


  • The term Hypermasculinity is a little different.


  • It refers to the set of attitudes and behaviors associated with the pursuit of that

    它指的是一系列的態度和行為。 與此相關的

  • Hegemonic ideal.


  • Hypermasculinity includes things like aggressive competition,

    超男性化包括以下內容 積極的競爭。

  • sexual conquest, and destructive or risk taking behaviors like fighting,

    性徵服,以及破壞性或 打架等冒險行為。

  • reckless driving, or heavy drinking.


  • Hypermasculinity is also obsessively anti-feminine.

    超大男子主義也是執著的 反女性化。

  • Now keep that in mind because it's going to be imporant a little later.

    現在,記住這一點,因為它是怎麼回事 稍後才會重要。

  • Hypermasculine behaviors are how men are taught to perform their manhood, to prove

    男性的陽剛之氣行為是怎樣的? 教會他們表現自己的男子氣概,以證明

  • that they are closer to that fictional ideal than the other men around them.

    他們更接近那個虛構的理想。 比身邊的其他男人。

  • Leonard: "Oh no!"


  • The four geeks on the Big Bang Theory are shown constantly attempting to perform

    大爆炸理論》中的四個怪胎是 畫面中,不斷嘗試表演

  • some version of hypermasculinity.


  • Sheldon: "Now prepare yourself for what may come."

    謝爾頓:"現在準備好迎接 可以來。"

  • Wil Wheaton: "Oh Sheldon, do you really think we're going to fight?"

    威爾-惠頓:"哦,謝爾頓,你真的。 以為我們會打起來嗎?"

  • Their spectacular failures in their quest to prove their manhood then provides

    他們在追求過程中的驚人失敗 以證明他們的男子氣概,然後提供

  • the ironic hook behind much of the shows comedy.

    噱頭 喜劇。

  • Leonard: "I say this one time, instead of wimping out, let's be bad-asses!"

    倫納德:"我說這一次,而不是。 懦弱,讓我們成為壞蛋!"

  • Raj: "Ok. I'll be a bad-ass, but only if you pinky-swear to be one too."

    拉吉:"好吧,我就做個壞蛋,但前提是要有 你小指頭髮誓也要做一個。"

  • Now you'd think a bunch of geeks who are regularly derided for being unmanly would

    現在,你會認為一群宅男誰是 俗氣

  • be supportive of each other's insecurities.


  • And although there are fleeting moments of compassion between the four friends

    雖然有短暫的時刻 四海之內皆兄弟

  • they spend much of their time mocking and humiliating each other for not

    他們成天嘲笑 互相羞辱,因為不

  • living up to the manhood ideal.


  • Sheldon: "I see you decided to go with pathetic and frightened."

    謝爾頓:"我看你是決定要和 可悲又害怕。"

  • Raj: "It's one of his best moves."


  • Sheldon: "I'm having female problems."


  • Leonard: "If you're cranky and retaining water, I have a theory."

    倫納德:"如果你脾氣暴躁,保留了 水,我有個理論。"

  • Raj: "I have to talk to her about this."


  • Howard: "Geez, why do you girls always want to talk about things?"

    霍華德。"天啊,為什麼你們這些女孩總是... 要不要談談事情?"

  • This may seem a little counter-intuitive; why would nerds who are bullied for

    這看起來似乎有些反常。 為什麼書呆子誰是被欺負的

  • not acting manly enough, then turn around and replicate that same behavior within

    不爺們兒,回頭是岸 並將同樣的行為複製到

  • their own circles? Well, it's because one ways men learn to perform manhood...

    他們自己的圈子?嗯,這是因為一個 男人學習表演男人的方法...

  • Sheldon: "None shall pass."


  • by exerting power over others.


  • Remember when I said that one of the characteristics of Hypermasculinity was

    記得我說過,其中一個 超男性化的特點是

  • an obsession with being anti-feminine?


  • Sheldon: "A girls' night? I don't know if I'm up for an evening talking about

    Sheldon:"女生之夜?我不知道,如果 我想和你聊一個晚上

  • rainbows, unicorns, and menstrual cramps."


  • Time and again we see the men on the show demeaning women and expressing a casual

    我們一次又一次地看到節目中的男人們。 貶低女性,隨意表達

  • distain for anything considered "girl stuff."

    蔑視任何被認為是 "女孩的東西"。

  • Howard: "Sex In the City? Yikes!"


  • Penny: "Hey, I happen to love this movie."


  • Howard: "Fine, let's watch it. Maybe all our periods with synchronize."

    霍華德。"好吧,我們看吧。也許所有 我們的時期與同步"。

  • Anti-feminine attitudes are also connected to the ways that men police each other's

    反女性的態度也與此有關。 男人們互相監督的方式。

  • presentation of manhood.


  • Sheldon: "Because of your lactose intolerance you switched over to soy milk. Soy contains

    謝爾頓:"因為你的乳糖不耐受 你換成了豆漿。大豆含有

  • estrogen-mimicking compounds. I think your morning Coco Puffs are turning you into a

    雌激素模擬化合物。我想你的 早晨的可可泡芙讓你變成了一個。

  • hysterical woman."


  • Just so we're clear, when men insult and belittle other men by calling them women,

    只是讓我們清楚,當男人侮辱和 貶低其他男人,稱他們為女人。

  • that is an extension of misogyny.


  • Leonard: "You're controlling, you're irritating..."

    倫納德:"你在控制,你在。 煩人的......"

  • Sheldon: "There you go again: nag, nag, nag. You're only proving my point little lady."

    Sheldon:"你又來了:嘮叨,嘮叨,嘮叨。 你只是在證明我的觀點,小姑娘。"

  • Nowhere is this dynamic as clear as in the show's treatment of Raj.

    這種動態沒有任何地方比在 該劇對拉吉的處理。

  • Raj: "Edward's only pushing you away because he loves you."

    拉吉:"愛德華只是把你推開了。 因為他愛你。"

  • Raj: "I've got everything we'll need for the big game: low-fat turkey jerky,

    拉吉:"我已經準備好了我們需要的一切。 大遊戲:低脂火雞肉乾。

  • low-carb beer, 100 calorie snack packs."


  • Leonard: "Pick up a Y-chromosome while you were there? You might be short one."

    倫納德:"趁著你還在,撿個Y染色體吧。 在那裡?你可能是短的一個。"

  • Howard: "I won't be making fun of you or the things you like, or the fact that you

    "我不會取笑你,也不會取笑你。"我不會取笑你,也不會... 你喜歡的東西,或你的事實,你

  • [singing] just wanna have fu-un."

    [唱]只是想有fu -un。"

  • In practically every episode over ten seasons, the other characters on the show

    在幾乎每集超過10 季,劇中其他角色

  • make fun of Raj for acting too much like a woman.

    嘲笑Raj太像 一個女人。

  • Raj: "It wasn't a pajama party. It was just a couple of bros hanging out, giggling,

    Raj:"這不是睡衣派對。It was just 一對兄弟掛出,傻笑。

  • eating cookie dough, and watching Princess Bride."

    吃著餅乾麵糰,看著 公主新娘。"

  • Howard: "Please stop talking."

    霍華德 Howard:"請不要再說話了"

  • As you might expect, the jokes targeting Raj for not being manly enough

    正如你所預料的那樣,這些笑話針對的是 拉吉,因為他不夠男人

  • are steeped in a thick layer of homophobia.


  • Howard: "Wow!"


  • Raj: "And that's not even the best part. See, I have one too."

    拉吉:"這還不是最精彩的部分。 你看,我也有一個。"

  • Raj: "Check it out, you can wear yours and we can have little sword fights whenever we want."

    拉吉:"你看看,你可以穿你的,然後。 我們可以隨時進行小規模的劍術比賽。"

  • The humor consistently codes Raj's more effeminate behaviors and interests as gay

    幽默始終如一地碼著Raj的更 娘娘腔

  • and that's always the punchline.