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You see a lot of riders riding close to the kerb to stay out of the way of traffic.
But by riding in the gutter you are more likely to encounter hazards, such as broken glass
or drain covers, and it may encourage motorists to try and squeeze past you when there potentially
might not be enough space. When riding on the road there are two positions to use.
Your default riding position is about a third of the way into the lane or approximately
inline with the nearside of a car. If you are intending to turn right ahead or need
to prevent cars from overtaking at any point you should take control of the lane, riding
where you can be easily seen. This gives motorists the message that you don't want to be overtaken
as it isn't safe. Ensure you look behind to check it's safe to move into this position.
On side roads if you are passing a side road on your left you should move out to take the lane.
This will increase your visibility to traffic joining the road from the junction.
Give you more room to manoeuvre and prevent impatient motorists behind from overtaking
and then sharply turning left in front of you. On busier roads, with multiple side roads
it might not be practical to take the lane for every junction. In this situation you
should glance behind you, make eye contact with the driver following and edge out slightly.
This should be enough to make yourself more visible to the driver behind you so they know
that you don't want to be overtaken. When passing parked cars the same principles apply
as passing side roads although you should keep yourself it least a door's width of space
or more if possible in case a door in opened. Take a look in the mirrors of the vehicle
to see if you can see a face or look for a light in the car to see if the driver could
be ready to open the door. If you're riding with others it's perfectly acceptable to ride
two abreast with the outside rider approximately in the centre of the lane. However on narrow
roads or if you are aware of a build up of traffic behind you should single out when
safe to do so to let them pass. Blind bends are another situation where singling out is
advised in case of oncoming traffic crossing the white lines in the middle of the road.
Observation, anticipation and negotiation should be your watch words when riding out
on the road. You should always know what's going on around you. Where possible making
eye contact with drivers and other road users. Looking well ahead. Anticipating what the
traffic ahead is going to do. Adapting your riding accordingly and negotiating when necessary
with the drivers around you should become second nature. This all helps contribute towards
a smart commute.


如何正確的姿勢騎單車 (How to position yourself on the road correctly when cycling | Commute Smart)

455 分類 收藏
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