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  • Outrage outside a detention center in New Jersey today.


  • The disturbing images of children being torn from their parents were troubling enough.


  • The Trump administration is reportedly weighing their options of housing immigrant children at military bases.


  • How did the United States get here?


  • In the last 15 years, America has taken in more refugees than anywhere else in the world.

    在過去的 15 年中,美國收容的難民數量超過了世界上任何一個國家。

  • A fraction of those refugees, asylum seekers, have grown in recent years to the point of overwhelming the current system, and now the country is at a tipping point.


  • The legal definition of a refugee is someone who isn't able to live safely in their home country, or has a really strong reason to fear that they won't be safe if they stay.


  • Persecution that is racial, religious, political or nationalor targeting what's called "a particular social group.”


  • Someone who's been persecuted can apply for refugee status in their home country or in the first country that they flee to.


  • Where they might apply in a refugee camp for example.


  • An asylee is a refugee.


  • It's just that, they've already arrived at another country, like the United States, and fear going home.


  • Here's how it works.


  • Asylum seekers must fill out the i-589 application, a 12 page form.

    尋求庇護者必須填寫 12 頁的 i-589 申請表。

  • If that sounds complicated for someone fleeing an oppressive homeland, don't worrythere's a 14 page instruction booklet to help.

    如果對於一個在家鄉受壓迫而逃離的人而言似乎太複雜,不用擔心 - 有一本 14 頁的說明書可以幫助你。

  • Both the form and the instructions are only available in english.


  • And the i-589 has to be filled out in english, or it'll get sent back.

    而且 i-589 必須用英文填寫,否則將被退件。

  • Not every asylum seeker necessarily understands the process, or has the resources to kind of go about it exactly the right ways.


  • Customs & Border Protection itself has been accepting very few people in recent weeks who are presenting themselves for asylum.


  • So people are waiting to be allowed to set foot in the U.S. and claim asylum for, you know, two weeks on bridges in Ciudad Juarez in the heat of summer.

    因此,人們正等待着被允許進入美國申請庇護,你知道,在夏日的酷暑中,要在華雷斯市 (美墨邊境) 的橋上待上兩個星期。

  • At a certain point it starts to seem like a safer option to go in between ports of entry and risk breaking the law.


  • If someone enters the United States without papers, they can't even file an asylum application until they convince the governmentin personthat they're in danger at home.

    如果有在人沒有合法證件的情況下進入美國,他們甚至不能提出庇護申請,除非 - 親自 - 說服美國政府,他們在家鄉是處於危險之中。

  • This is calledcredible fear.”


  • They're detained and given at least 48 hours before their credible fear interview, but asylees often must wait much longer.

    在進行「迫害恐懼可信度」面談之前,他們至少會被拘留 48 小時,但通常申請庇護者必須等待更久的時間。

  • If the fear isn't deemedcredible,” an asylum seeker can be deported pretty much immediately, unless they file an appeal.


  • If that fear is deemed credible, or the appeal is successful, they wait for a judge to review their application.


  • Yeah, this is where the process gets very complicated depending on the circumstances of the case.


  • An asylee might have a judge sympathetic to their case, or one with a stricter view.


  • They might end up waiting comfortably with family, or they may be held in a detention center.


  • And in spring 2018, they could even have been separated from their children, under Trump administration policies.

    而在 2018 年春天,在川普政府的政策下,他們甚至可能已經被迫與子女分開。

  • China has historically had the most applicants for asylum to the United States, and that hasn't changed.


  • But applications from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras have increased 234% in the past 3 years, with more applicants in that time period than the previous 17 years combined.

    但是在過去三年中,薩爾瓦多、瓜地馬拉和洪都拉斯的申請人數增加了 234%,該期間的申請人數超過了過去 17 年的總和。

  • This area is called the northern triangle.


  • Civil wars and political unrest from the 1950s through the 1980s left institutions unstable.

    從 1950 年代到 1980 年代的內戰和政治動亂,使這些國家的社會動盪不安。

  • Violence, extreme poverty, and crime stemming from drug and gang activity is widespread.


  • Asylees fleeing this area aren't responsible for the danger they live inthey're trying to escape it.

    該地區的難民無力面對生活在危險之中的困境 ─ 所以他們正在設法逃離。

  • In the Northern Triangle, it's a little more complicated, because instead of talking about persecution by the government we're talking about often persecution by gangs.


  • So, whether they qualify for asylum is up for interpretation by immigration judges.


  • And, all of this is being debated while the current system is straining just to keep up.


  • The backlog of asylum caseloads has surged since 2012.

    自 2012 年以來,積壓的庇護案件數量激增。

  • And immigration attorneys have cited waits as long as 5 years.

    移民律師也證實,等待審核的時間長達 5 年。

  • The Trump administration thinks that the solution here is to make it harder to even pass the initial screening interview.


  • If you think of the asylum system as a multi-stage process, which it is, that starts with you know asking for and getting a credible fear interview, and ends with finally getting asylum.


  • People are falling off at every stage of that process.


  • Very few people who start by asking for credible fear screenings in the U.S. are ultimately getting their asylum claims approved at the end.


  • They essentially may be deprived of due process in trying to get asylum and so people who do have legitimate persecution claims are going to get sent back which theoretically is exactly the outcome that this entire system is set up to prevent.


Outrage outside a detention center in New Jersey today.



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