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Cheaters are like bank robbers.
If you get away with it, ain't nobody just try to rob one bank!
If you wanna act single, then stay single.
I'm just "super saiyan (saying)."
Why even stay in a relationship if you out here still DMing and entertaining other guys or girls.
Let me tell you why.
People like security.
Let's just keep it one hundo p (100 percent).
If Beyonce can get cheated on, it ain't safe for none of us.
We're human, we're gonna make mistakes.
But for those of y'all who out here cheating multiple times, robbing multiple banks, that's not a mistake, that's a decision.
If you've never been cheated on, wait, it's coming...
I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
When you get cheated on, you feel so played.
You feel like you got played and the whole world sees you get played.
It is not a fun feeling.
Now what I find hilarious is cheaters hate being cheated on.
They hate the idea of even being cheated on.
That's how I always know when my girlfriend is cheating.
I'm sitting around, my girlfriend kicks in the door like boom!
Tell me her name right now!
It's Sabrina, isn't it, it's Stephanie, isn't it, which one is it?
I text you, it took you an hour to text me back.
What's her name... I'm gonna strangle you and say it was self-defense.
Let's talk about micro-cheating for one second.
What is micro-cheating?
That's usually how it starts.
People don't talk about it that much, but it's like, all the little crap, that's like not cool, but not big enough to break up with them over.
I have a friend who says if her boyfriend likes and comments another girl's pictures, that's micro-cheating.
What's micro-cheating to this person might not be micro-cheating to that person.
If you out here giving your number out to different dudes, that's a form of micro-cheating—to me.
I think I've mentioned this like years ago in a video, I can't remember.
But the conversation you need to have with your boyfriend or girlfriend, it's almost like when you go to the park and play flag football, you need to establish the rules.
That garbage is out of bounds, that tree is a touchdown.
Because otherwise, y'all just playing football, and you're making up the rules as you go along.
I didn't know it was out of bounds!
"I didn't know..."—same thing in a relationship.
Check your micro-cheating levels y'all, if you wanna be out here acting single, just stay single.
I'm just "super saiyan (saying)."
People are who they are.
It's usually why I don't give people second chances.
I'm totally open to giving you second chances, but like I've said in other videos...
Second chances are reserved for the remorseful, A ,and B, if there hasn't been some character development, it's not happenning.
And character development doesn't usually happen in a month.
You're not one way in June and a completely different person in July, like that usually don't [doesn't] happen.
I would sit around thinking like, "Why do people cheat?" and it came to me...
That junk is real exciting, there's like a thrill.
Like you've got your main piece, but you're sneaking around, like a spy.
You know it's wrong, that guy or girl knows it's wrong.
Y'all do your thing, and you're living like... that spy life.
Why do people cheat?
There's a lot of scenarios, lot of situations, but here's the short answer.
You might love In n' Out or Five Guys' hamburgers, and you could eat In n' Out and Five Guys' everyday.
But once in a blue moon, you just wanna sneak away and eat McDonald's.
Even though the quality is nowhere near Five Guys' or In n' Out hamburgers, but you just wanna do it.
Don't make sense but that's what it is.
I'm just "super saiyan (saying)."
Okay, for real though, they had me mic, and they let me take it home.
This is a production van right there.
I think they're really listening.



中肯到哭!為什麼人們愛劈腿? (Why People Cheat)

7233 分類 收藏
Stephanie 發佈於 2018 年 7 月 11 日    Stephanie 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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