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hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel and welcome to a new video we
are back in the kitchen today and I have
a bunch of ripe bananas that are going
all spotty and brown and so what better
way to use them and then can make some
of banana bread I love banana bread I
love the smell of banana bread and it's
been a long time since I've had them so
I thought this is a great opportunity to
mix them and it's going to be a little
bit more of a healthier spin on banana
bread as well which is going to be fun
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so let me know give this video a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it and let's go make
some banana bread so i'm starting off by
making it some flax eggs so i'm using 1
tablespoon of a flax seeds 2-3
tablespoons of water so you're in these
three tablespoons of flax seeds in total
and nine tablespoons of water and then
you set that aside to kind of let it gel
up and a thick in a bit so for the dry
ingredients i'm using it two cups of a
gluten-free flour but you can use
regular flowers you like along with one
quarter cup of almond meal or almond
flour i really like to be nutty flavor
that this gives and it just makes it
taste really good so adding that in
there and then I'm adding in two
teaspoons of baking soda and baking soda
is what's going to help this rise and be
fluffy and keep it moist and just
basically help it rise and then I'm
sprinkling and a little bit of salt
because salt likes to bring out things
and sweet recipes along with a sprinkle
of cinnamon and then I'm just mixing it
together the dry ingredients until
they're all evenly distributed and
everything's even and then I'm going to
start with a bananas at the star of the
show so you're going to need a three
bananas in total and I'm just breaking
those apart and the more ripe and spot
is the better so feel free to let them
like chill on your counter for a bit and
ripen and then we're going to amass
up and I'm just using a fork but you can
use a blender if you want if you want to
be easier but I kind of liked the act
and just like smashing it with a fork I
don't know it feels like more cool like
we're baking I don't know it's fun to me
so I'm just mashing it with a fork and
then we're going to add in our flax eggs
into a bowl along with our banana
mixture and just make sure you get
everything in there you want all the
bananas and then we are going to be
adding in the milk so I'm adding in a
quarter cup of almond milk but you can
use whatever kind of milk that you like
a splash of vanilla just to add a little
bit of flavor and then we're mixing all
the wet ingredients together and then
you're going to be adding the wet into
the dry and then a full bed until it's
combined and you want to use a bigger
bowl that I did I kind of realized while
filming that this build the whole bowl
but we went with it it just took a
little bit longer than mixed together so
just mix it together until it's just
combined but you don't want to over mix
it and then I'm going to get our topping
ready so I'm using a half a cup of
pistachios a quarter cup of goji berries
and a quarter cup of walnuts and I'm
putting those into a little of this lock
bags because I'm going to be smashing
them with my spoon just to break them up
a bit and you can use whatever you want
to like smash this or use a grinder
whatever you like and then I'm putting
it that into a little greased loaf pan
and you want to make sure that it's even
in the loaf pan and kind of set it aside
and then i'm using an extra banana just
just put a few slices on the top and
then i'm sprinkling on our goji and nut
mixture i love the colors of this and
the crunch that it gives and then i'm
finishing it off with putting a little
bit more banana just in a line on the
top because it makes it really pretty
and when you bake them a bigot
caramelized now we're going to bake this
at 350 for about 40 minutes and this is
how it turned out it is so yummy you
have to let it cool for a bit when it
comes out but I promise it's going to be
super yummy and moist it was delicious
my house smells amazing all my friends
have been wanting some banana bread so I
highly suggest making it super yummy and
super good for you for all of these
super foods ok guys thanks for watching
I hope you enjoyed it and I hope with
the banana bread it looks good to you it
smells so good right now so I'm going to
go eat some
I hope you guys all have a fabulous day
and I will see you guys in my next video
bye guys


健康的香蕉麵包! 潮濕,麵筋和免乳製品! Ep 18 (HEALTHY BANANA BREAD! Moist, Gluten & Dairy Free! Cooking With Liv Ep 18)

203 分類 收藏
anna 發佈於 2018 年 7 月 9 日
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