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  • Going outdoors in the rain. It's a nice change of pace.

  • Dude Perfect.

  • We're Dude Perfect, welcome to Crossbow Trick Shots. HERE WE GO!

  • Cory's got the ball, I got the bow. This is The Cut-The-Line Swisher.

  • Not the greatest swish of all time, but hey! we made it!

  • All that sand castle work that I worked on when I was five and under is really paying off in my new career.

  • Here, we have a standard balloon with colored powder.

  • With the sandcastle foundations, baby. This is The Water Skipper.

  • I'm gonna be completely honest. I didn't know that was possible.

  • What's up, guys? Ty and Codes here, with one of our good buddies.

  • You guys probably haven't met him before. This is Cameron.

  • No, it is not. His name is Russell.

  • Oh, and he's gonna be helping us out with the next shot.

  • Basically me and Russ are gonna be standing here.

  • I'm gonna be juggling the apples, Cody's gonna shoot one out of my hand.

  • That would be silly.

  • Russ...

  • this is The Mobile Robin Hood. Let's add some glasses. Oh wow, that's cool.

  • Ho, ho! We're flying! This is The Mobile Robin Hood.

  • AHH!!!

  • Hey! I'm finally not on the other end of a trust shot.

  • I'd say you cored it right out, man. Ho, ho, dude, we used a real apple?

  • 'Sup, guys. Didn't know if you know this or not

  • but you looking at a couple of sword wizards, right here.

  • Looking to get a nice clean cut. Let's do it.

  • This is The Horseshoe Ringer.

  • Honestly, I think that's like five points, maybe three.

  • I don't play a lot of horseshoes, so...

  • This is The Golf Cart Knife Sticker.

  • Atta boy, Coby!

  • Got 'em!

  • We got our crossbow, got our target, and we are gonna put this bolt right through the middle, but first...

  • I'm gonna ricochet it off this piece of wood, but before that one...

  • I'm gonna ricochet it off this piece of wood.

  • But actually before both of those two,

  • I'm gonna ricochet it off this piece of wood, and this is The Triple Ricochet Balloon Buster.

  • Into the balloon, busted it.

  • What a treat!

  • Setting up for the next shot, got a little bit of a storm brewing.

  • I love the rain, firstly. It's a good feeling when you know no one else is having fun today.

  • This is actually going to be the exit and the entry will be all the way over there.

  • Right into the target.

  • It's raining cats and dogs. This is The 180 Wrap Around.

  • It's like it solidified from the rain drop.

  • Round Three.

  • Cantaloupe.

  • Next up, the apple.

  • We're using a real apple? Yes.

  • It's time to shoot some skeet, with a crossbow. Here we go.

  • This is Threading The Needle.

  • That was Threading The Needle AKA Washer.

  • Time to get tiny.

  • Egg dab.

  • Okay, wow.

  • You know what? I'm not the sword guy. I'm faking it.

  • Codes is setting up the orange gong across the lake.

  • Haha, what up? I got an orange gong.

  • We're going to attempt to send one all the way over there and ring in game day.

  • This is The Over The Lake & Near The Woods.

  • Oh, that felt good!

  • Arrow did not survive. The tip

  • has been pushed into the arrow. What do you guys think Cody's talking about over there?

  • Something like, "Hey, that's the finale, let's head to the outro." Yeah, I could see him doing one of those.

  • I'm assuming that was the finale so let's head to an outro, baby!

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  • Pound It, Noggin, see ya!

Going outdoors in the rain. It's a nice change of pace.


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