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  • If you're sitting in a movie theater during previews, and you see this ….


  • you know to expect a comedy movie.


  • If you see thisyou know it's gonna be action.


  • Make the letters a little skinnyand boom.


  • It's sci-fi.


  • You know this one's gonna have fast cars...


  • This one's gonna have Michael Cera…. … and this one's gonna be a rom-com.

    這會有喜劇演員 Michael Cera,而這是浪漫愛情片。

  • You don't even need the music to know it.


  • But what about this?


  • This typefaceTrajanis probably one of the most popular movie poster fonts ever.

    Trajan 字體大概是電影史上最受歡迎的電影海報字體了。

  • You can see it in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Double Jeopardy, Letters from Iwo Jima,

    你在臥虎藏龍、 致命追緝令、來自硫磺島的信都看得到它。

  • It's everywhere.


  • So how did it get there?


  • I'm Yves Peters, I am a graphic designer who has been writing professionally about type and typography since about 10 years.

    我是 Yves Peters,我是專門設計字型和字體快十年的平面設計師。

  • Yves has looked at a lot of posters.

    Yves 看過很多海報。

  • And a few years ago, he started to notice a trend.


  • I started clicking, clicking, clicking, and didn't know where I started because I ended up looking at about 16,000 posters.

    我開始不停地按滑鼠,不知從何時開始的因為我最後大概看了 16,000 張海報 。

  • Yeah, well, I look at about 100 posters per month and I've been doing this series since 2006…

    沒錯!我一個月大概看 100 張海報,我從 2006 年就一直這麼做。

  • It's a lot of posters every year.


  • He noticed that the use of Trajan rose significantly in the last couple of decades.

    他注意到近幾十年裡,使用 Trajan 字體的比例明顯提高。

  • But why?


  • In 1989, designer Carol Twombly adapted inscriptions from Roman emperor Trajan's column into a digital typeface.

    1989 年,設計師 Carol Twombly 根據羅馬皇帝的圖拉真凱旋柱改寫出數位字體。

  • It was made for Adobe, so it was a part of the software that a lot of people were starting to use to make posters.

    這是為 Adobe 打造的,後來許多人開始用這個軟體來製作海報。

  • A couple years later, it made its movie poster debut hereforctor Babenco's At Play in the Fields of the Lord.

    幾年之後,它登上了電影海報的處女秀,是導演 Héctor Babenco 的在上帝土地上嬉戲 。

  • After that, it was on The Bodyguard, and Scent of a Woman.


  • Then it was on three 1993 box office hits.

    之後又出現在 1993 年三部賣座電影上。

  • By 1994, it was everywhere.

    到 1994 年時,它已隨處可見。

  • It's originally used for epic movies, movies about people that overcome difficulties, like the big war epics and so on.


  • But then you see gradually that it becomes the standard movie font.


  • It's like the Arial of movie posters.

    就像是電影海報版的 Arial 字體。

  • So people need to churn out a poster really quickly, and they just pick Trajan.

    所以人們必須迅速製作出大量海報時,他們就選 Trajan。

  • Eventually, that overuse started to change the kinds of movies that were used the typeface.


  • You don't see it as much on the big productions anymore.


  • It's become the typeface of horror movies, B-movies, and also the straight-to-video ones.

    它成了恐怖片、B 級片和錄影帶電影的字體。

  • So you'll see that a lot of posters are for the lesser movies that want to pretend they are better than they actually are.

    因此你會發現很多海報都是要假裝這些低成本電影比實際上還好看 。

  • The rise and fall of Trajan illustrates the downside of digital typeface.

    Trajan 字體的興衰表明了數位字體的缺點。

  • The convenience of swapping fonts is a huge shift from the old movie poster days when hand-painted typefaces or "lettering" was an art that was specific to each movie.

    轉換字型的便利性是舊電影海報時代為每部電影特別手繪或刻劃出字體藝術的巨大改變 。

  • So what you see behind methis is more like the pre-blockbuster thing... pre-genres, pre-standard stylesand that's why you will be hard-pressed to find two that are similar.

    所以你在我身後看到的 — 它們算是數位字體之前賣座大片的海報,之前的風格和之前的類型,這就是為何你很難找到海報之間的相似性。

  • That doesn't make today's genre-specific typography bad design.


  • These visual clichés make it possible to communicate tone and plot details to an audience incredibly efficiently.


  • And there's a certain art to that.


  • People get nostalgic about the old era of movie posters, when everything was still done by hand and still very unique.

    人們會懷念舊時代的電影海報,因為當時一切都是手工的而且也是獨一無二的 。

  • But you could compare it to music, where some people say, "nothing good was produced since the Beatles."


  • But then there are people who say there's nothing good since Mozart.


  • Fair enough, but there's many other interesting things that are being produced now.


  • There's just much more.


  • But there's still a lot of very good poster design happening.


  • It's just, you need to know where to look.


If you're sitting in a movie theater during previews, and you see this ….


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