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  • Okay have you seen them yet? The sudden surge of all those scooters. The San Francisco MTA

  • impounded dozens of scooters. These scooters run amok, they zip around on the sidewalk and sometimes get dumped right in the middle of it.

  • San Francisco was the site of an invasion last month. A fleet of app-based electric scooters suddenly arrived on almost every street and sidewalk.

  • The three companies that operate them attended no hearings and received no permission from city officials before they dumped their products on the street

  • and unsurprisingly

  • people hate them.

  • Obviously they don't belong in sidewalks, but that's where they are.

  • One wrong turn and I could be on my back. So I don't know.

  • They shouldn't be going on the sidewalks, and they shouldn't be going so fast.

  • The companies have cute names like Bird, Lime, and Spin, CEOs like this man: VanderZanden.

  • Travis was the COO of Lyft,

  • and then a VP at Uber, a company known for pissing off city officials in the interest of unregulated ride-sharing.

  • Bird is based in L.A., and, full disclosure, the company sublets office space from Vice.

  • Anything new tends to feel disruptive and can sometimes be controversial.

  • How new is it though? Isn't it just kind of a razor scooter with a battery on it?

  • Well, electric scooter sharing is, you know Bird was the first in the world to actually do that.

  • Spin is another company in the electric scooter space.

  • We're kind of known as the company that's been going out there and innovating on the regulatory side

  • and actually helping cities craft these solutions. And our goal here

  • in San Francisco is to come to a permit system as soon as we can.

  • Can you understand how the phrase "innovating on the regulatory side" could, to regulators, be seen as just breaking the law?

  • I mean, that's one - I guess, putting my lawyer hat on, I think that it's a process.

  • In April the city attorney issued cease and desist orders to all the scooter companies

  • Claiming that customers were violating the law by not wearing helmets, blocking sidewalks and access ramps, and not having valid driver's licenses.

  • Is it more important to be competitive than it is to obey what the cities are telling you to do?

  • We don't think we were breaking any laws

  • we're supportive of regulations

  • and what we've said is, whatever the city of San Francisco comes up with for regulation, Byrd will absolutely comply with that.

  • It's unclear if the combination of electric scooters and angering municipalities will be a sustainable business model.

  • Although Bird has rolled out in seven cities, it paid

  • a $300,000 fine in Santa Monica for operating without a proper business license.

  • But the company tells us that in San Francisco, Bird scooters have traveled more than a 140,000 miles in 30 days

  • And they do have a cadre of loyal enthusiasts

  • Ducks fly together!

  • Once you get on there, and you start the wind in your hair, it's pretty fun.

  • Could we potentially see you at like, the next city council meeting,

  • standing up for Bird and saying no no no, these things belong in our city?

  • Absolutely, like all the Chads and the Brads of the world, we'll be the Seans and Maxes.

  • I did send in the email saying you know, keep Bird in San Francisco, trying to do my part electronically.

  • I've had a lady kind of scream at me saying this is

  • ruining San Francisco.

  • Yeah, I usually just get some dirty looks.

  • You know either there's girls checking you out, or there's you know the angry elderly couple that's saying, "get off my streets."

  • Lime declined to be interviewed for our story and none of the companies would tell us how many scooters are actually on the streets.

  • Yesterday the city established a permit that companies can apply for, although

  • they're not guaranteed to get approval. Bird told us they'll apply as soon as possible.

  • Meanwhile the enraged citizens of San Francisco are policing them with other means

  • smearing the scooters with human feces

  • Cutting their electrical lines and even throwing them in the ocean

  • People are taking shits on your scooters in San Francisco, how does that make you feel?

  • Well, I don't love it. I mean I think you know I think of the Birds,

  • you know they're very important to us, and we think the Birds are out there doing very good for the world.

  • Do you know better what a city needs for transportation than the city itself does?

  • No, I don't think we know better than what they know

  • but I think there's always new innovations happening that maybe cities haven't thought about yet

  • or we have something new and unique that's never been tried before, and

  • what's the best way to work with cities to actually pilot that and see if it works

  • and then figure out how to make sure it's successful when we enter a market.

Okay have you seen them yet? The sudden surge of all those scooters. The San Francisco MTA


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