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Hi guys! Hope you're well!
Okay we're gonna be doing a beautiful Mexican all-day breakfast.
It's five ingredients, it's a veggie meal, it's really delicious.
I can have it for breakfast, brunch, even a midnight munchie.
It's from my book.
Five Ingredient Food: Quick and Easy and I hope you're gonna love it,
but even better than that we've got Joe wicks in the house!
High five dude!
Great intro to that recipe,
and mate, the five ingredients is so simple why didn't I think of it?!
Well you can do four.
Like six minutes abs, you can do five minute abs.
For my audience that might not know you, most of them do, tell them what you do.
My name is Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach, and I'm basically a
guy that just really believes in healthy home-cooked food, combined with exercise
so you can enjoy really lovely stuff and you haven't got to go on a low-calorie diet
to achieve the body you want.
So that's my philosophy!
This recipe is right up my street, five ingredients, simple cooking.
So we got the five ingredients here.
We've got chilies, eggs, black beans, great source of
carbohydrate and protein, avocado, we do love an avo don't we?
Vegan Easter egg.
They love 'em!
And a lime, okay. Do you like a pickle?
I do love a pickle.
Finely slice these chilies.
These must have a kick to 'em right?
You're absolutely right, some are milder, some are hotter.
This is gonna be a spicy breakfast dude all that chili.
If you just put salt and a little vinegar on here,
we can make a little pickle.
But honestly like you'll get addicted to that.
That one cheese on toast.
Alright I'll give it a go.
So a little oil in a pan.
That's on a medium heat can you slice us a bit more chili?
Yeah, just thinly sliced yeah? Absolutely.
We both love avocado don't we bro?
Yeah, healthy fats, you know it's one of those things monounsaturated fat, really good for the heart.
I think a lot of people when they go on these low-calorie diets, they're told that fats
are the devil and you've got to stay away from all of them.
but you know nutrient-dense foods like an avocado, don't be frightened of them
and a couple of eggs a day is perfect for you, you know?
Really really nice.
This is a really healthy meal, you know for any day of the week really.
Put those in there bro.
Right, the chili in the oil.
So we're just gonna fry those chilies, just for a little bit.
I just love the colour.
Bit of spice yeah, this is bringing a Mexican vibe isn't it, cause you want a bit of spice in there.
As soon as those chilies have just fried up a little bit, see these eggs here as well,
these are Burford Browns and these are Legbars look at they're nuts colours!
Where'd you get these from?
So I just get them in the supermarket, really nice.
The eggs go in guys.
Look at the colour of that yolk, amazing!
And I'm gonna go in with the black beans,
could have just thrown the black beans in and crack the eggs on top,
it doesn't really matter but I just want it to look pretty for you guys.
They're already cooked the beans right and they got a nice little natural
sort of water with them that goes really thick.
Slice this up any old how, frankly.
Straight on there yeah? Bit salt and pepper? Yep.
A little seasoning from a height, a little pepper from a height,
and then just a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil.
And then a little tip, the lid, and it kind of coddles the egg so it's fried and it's coddled.
It's a dream breakfast really. I reckon a minute and a half and you'll havea soft cooked egg.
It's steaming up, and what'll happen you just see the eggs just starting to sort of go opaque,
you know cooking on the outside, soft in the middle.
Right this is the moment brother.
I've just turned it off.
There you go, look at that!
That's a one-man for me, I could smash that easy.
Yeah, I can do four eggs, but that's for two people, is it?
Yeah absolutely I mean I just serve that pan in the middle of the table.
Get my chillies.
I mean if I was coming in at midnight, you know I'm wanting a little bit of a munchie
I probably would heat up a little wrap or a toast, it'd be good with rice.
So guys this is a five-ingredient meal.
We're gonna have a little tuck in now.
Aw they're really really good quality eggs.
Tastes amazing!
That is something I'll definitely be making again, no doubt.
It is spicy though. I got the spicy bit.
It does feel like comfort food, but it is healthy isn't it?
It's lovely. Look if I had choice over you know a chocolate croissant, or a bowl of cereal
versus that, with those avocados you know the healthy fats from the oil,
that is going to make me feel fuller for longer
and keep me lean and that's what it's all about.
It's about fuelling the body.
That is a winner in my eyes.
And what's that four minutes, five minutes to do?
Super quick. Easy. Speed is key and that is a proper winner. So there you go guys.
If you like that, if you want more quick and easy recipes click the link.
Take care lots of love!
See you later!


傑米.奧利佛教你如何煮墨西哥早餐 (Jamie's Mexican Breakfast: Jamie Oliver and The Body Coach)

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