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one, two, three, four!
Rev up your engines!
It's time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel
today I'm going to show you how modern
fuel injection cleaning systems work, now

I've been working on cars for the last
46 years, so I've seen a lot of changes

in both the cars and the gasoline that
goes in them, so needless to say, cleaners

at work 45 years ago, aren't going to work that
good today for two main reasons, first

modern gasoline has up to 10% ethanol in

and second, many modern cars like this
Volkswagen, have gasoline direct

injection systems, that often lead to
carbon buildup inside the engine, now if

you're using an old-fashioned additive
like seafoam, it doesn't have the

additives that are going to work with
alcohol and with gasoline direct

injection systems all that well, it's
called seafoam for a reason, that was

originally used for two stroke outboard
motor engines, but today even most

outboard motor engines are four-stroke
engines, so if you want to keep your

engine and fuel system clean, you need an
additive that can work with four-stroke

motors, and with gasoline it has ethanol
in it, now the naphtha and the pale oil

that's inside the seafoam works great on
two-stroke motors, they need oil in the

gas anyways to make them run, but if
you're driving a modern car, especially

if it has gasoline direct injection, and
the fuel has a lot of ethanol in it, you

need an additive that's made just for
that, a modern car with modern gas, not an

old motorboat engine, now the main
cleaning ingredient in gumout is polyetheramine,

or PEA, it's a nitrogen based
cleaner, where do you see those signs at

the Shell gas station that's a nitrogen
powe,r it's the same stuff that they're

using, it will clean the inside of your
engine really well especially if you

have a gasoline direct injection, where
the carbon buildup often occurs if you

don't have enough cleaner, and it also
has corrosion inhibitors, so when you

pour it in a gas tank,
it keeps the ethanol and the gasoline from

corroding your system, now I've had a lot
of complaints from my own customers

saying they hate that gasoline that has
ethanol, because it makes their cars run

poorly, it can actually corrode stuff,
but if you have anti corrosion inhibitors in it,

it won't hurt your car, now
I know some people are going say, hey why

should I listen to that guy what does he
know what he's talking about, well

actually I don't believe what most
people tell me either,

so you can do what I do, use the stuff
and test it, I use my borescope to look

inside the engines once you take a spark
plug out, to see if the stuff's actually

cleaning, you don't have to buy real
expensive, one you can get them for 80 or

90 bucks nowadays, they're all made in
China, just do like I did, take out a

spark plug, just put it in a hole and
look inside before you use the cleaner,

then run two or three tanks full
full of gas with a can of this stuff in,

and then check it out with a borescope
again to see if it's clean, here's a

before a picture with the piston all
clogged up with carbon, and here's the

later picture, where you can see it's
much cleaner, so if you're like me and

you want your car to last forever,
you might try some of this gumout

multi-system cleaner, and remember if you
have any car questions just visit the Scotty

Kilmer channel


燃料添加劑對你的車子有用嗎?(有證據) (Do Fuel Additives Work in Your Car? (With Proof))

530 分類 收藏
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