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- Sorry for having 43 tardies.
(pop music)
- I have certain teachers that are cool,
and they'll be like, "Well, do you need help with this?"
And they'll like, hold you after class
and help you out with stuff.
Well others, they don't care.
They're just, "Okay, I'm here to teach,
"get paid, and leave."
- Something I hate about teachers
is that sometimes they give too much homework.
Or they expect a lot but they don't really
give a good lesson.
(pop music)
- On average, how much did teachers spend out of pocket
in 2016 on supplies for the classroom and students?
- I mean, like, in elementary school,
you use like, crayons and markers.
- In high school, it's basically all given to you, I think.
- 260. We usually bought the supplies, so.
- I'd say like the middle, 480.
- Yeah, 480.
- D, 480. - D.
(bell dinging)
- No way. - No.
- I thought that the school gave them everything.
- I have a specific teacher who, she gets there
at 6:00 in the morning for help sessions until 8:00,
and then after school she stays there until 6:00,
so it's like an extra two hours she's there
before and after school.
She's not getting paid for it, either,
but she's just there to make sure us students
are succeeding in her class.
As of 2014, over what percent of public school teachers
in the US work second jobs outside of school?
I know they're not paid a lot.
- C?
- Yeah. - Yeah, so 30%.
- So C, 30%.
- I think 20%.
- A, 20%. - Yeah.
(bell dinging) - That's still a lot, though.
- [Man] Would you guys become teachers?
- Yes. - No.
You? (laughing)
- Yeah.
Almost what percentage of teachers quit within five years
of starting their teaching career?
- My teachers from elementary school,
they were like one and done, so --
- Oh really? - ... they would do a year,
and then they would leave.
- Maybe, C, 20%?
- Yeah. C, 20%. - C, 20%.
(bell dinging) - Wow.
That's a lot.
- Maybe the students are mean to them,
or give 'em a hard time.
- What percent of teachers are affected
by high stress levels on the job?
- C?
- Yes, C, 93%.
- I think it's C, 93%.
Because I'm learning that it's very stressful and expensive.
(bell dinging) - Yeah.
- Yeah, that makes sense.
- It makes me realize how much teachers put in,
and sometimes they don't receive it from the students.
- All you hear is like, "Oh, I hate school.
"I don't wanna do my homework, blah blah blah."
And like, teachers, maybe some of them it's like
their dream job to teach, and to like work in education
and stuff, so it's kind of sad that students
can be rude sometimes.
Like, we should just, you know, wake up and be happy
that we're -- you know.
- Instead of sleeping in class, and disrespecting. So.
(gentle music)


你還在嫌老師!超過五成的美國老師五年內都辭職 (High Schoolers Learn Teacher Facts While Complaining About Them)

2977 分類 收藏
Judy Huang 發佈於 2018 年 7 月 13 日
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