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  • Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the richest athletes in the world.

    C 羅是世界上最有錢的運動員之一

  • The Real Madrid soccer player is worth more than 450 million dollars.

    皇家馬德里的球員身價高達 4.5 億美元

  • Here's a look at how Christiano Ronaldo built his multi-million dollar empire.

    一起來看看 C 羅是如何建立起他的數億美元帝國

  • Ronaldo sign with Manchester United the massive English Football Club at 18 years old

    羅納多在 18 歲時就與曼聯簽約

  • Ronaldo took the soccer world by storm soon after that with 654 career goals on the books.

    隨即以 654 個生涯目標的達成席捲全球足球界

  • He became one of the most recognizable faces in all of the sports.


  • His work on the field is valued so much that his legs are insured for 144 million dollars.

    因為在場上傑出的表現,他的腳投保了 1.44 億美元的保險

  • And as of June of 2018, the soccer star has already made an estimated 108 million dollars.

    2018 年的六月,C 羅賺進約 1.08 億美元

  • 61 million came from his salary bonuses and winnings.

    其中, 6100 萬是他的薪水和獎金

  • And his endorsement deals brought in an additional 47 million dollars.

    他的代言更為他賺進 4700 萬美元

  • Ronaldo may not be the highest-paid player in soccer.

    C 羅可能不是薪水最高的足球員

  • But what separates him from other soccer players is how he leverages his brand on social media.


  • Ronaldo is a prolific user of social media and has the biggest social media following of any athlete.

    C 羅在各個社群網站上的粉絲遠遠超過其他的運動員

  • He outranked Messi and Neymar by tens of millions of followers across Facebook Instagram and Twitter


  • According to the sponsorship analytics firm Hook It, Ronaldo has a total following of about 323.4 million followers across these platforms

    根據分析公司 Hook It 的調查,C 羅的追蹤粉絲總人數達 3 億 2340 萬人

  • He has about 142.2 million more followers than Messi.

    整整比梅西多了 1 億 4220 萬人

  • And about 129.2 million more followers than Neymar.

    IG 粉絲比內馬爾多了 1 億 2920 萬人

  • On Instagram, he is the third largest following on the planet with 129 million followers

    他擁有 1.29 億追蹤人數,是全世界第三多

  • That's why his sponsors pay a hefty sum for just a single sponsored post on his social media pages.


  • Ronaldo has more than 2.3 million social media interactions per post which generated 1.8 million dollars in value

    C 羅每則貼文都超過 230 萬人互動,這代表著有 180 萬美元的價值

  • for brands like Nike, for each of their sponsored posts

    尤其針對像是 Nike 這類的品牌

  • That captured as a promoted post for Nike and then we put a dollar value on how much that post is for, based on how many people engage with it.


  • So how many people like it, comment on it, share it on YouTube, and how many people views videos


  • When all that makes close to $400,000 on each of his sponsored posts on Instagram in 2018.

    2018 年,他在 IG 上每則贊助的貼文約賺進 40 萬美元

  • Global brands also want to make him the face of their companies

    全球性的品牌也想要 C 羅為他代言

  • His endorsements range from watch companies to cable providers.


  •  He even backs an Egyptian steel company


  • Ronaldo has something that no other rival soccer player has-a lifetime contract with Nike.

    羅納多有其他足球員沒有的-Nike 的終身合約

  • has worth an estimated 1 billion dollars.

    價值約 10 億美元

  • That deal was made back in 2016.

    這份合約是在 2016 年所簽的

  • And has the potential to go on for decades after he's retired from soccer.


  • Michael Jordan has a similar deal with Nike that has paid him every year since retiring back in 2003.

    麥可喬丹也有和 Nike 類似的合約,從他 2003 年退休後,Nike 會每年支付代言費給他

  • So what does Ronaldo like to spend his money on?


  • He invests a lot of his money into his own businesses.


  • Ronaldo owns a luxury underwear line, footwear, blankets,


  • a fragrance linemobile apps and creative agencyrestaurants and even hotels.


  • Back in 2015, Ronaldo invested 40 million dollars in Pestana  hotel group.

    在 2015 年,羅納多投資佩斯塔納飯店集團 400 萬美元

  • Ronaldo's lifestyles larger than life.


  • From expensive clothes to lavish residences


  • He lives in the 7.1 million dollar villa in Spain and an 18.5 million dollar apartment in Trump Tower in New York City.

    他在西班牙有棟價值 710 萬美元的別墅,在紐約的川普大樓裡有層 1850 萬美元的公寓

  • The soccer star also owns a bunch of expensive cars.


  • From Lamborghinis to Ferraris


  • but most recently Ronaldo drives a custom Bugatti Chiron with his custom CR7 logo.

    但最近他開了一台客製的,也印有他專屬的 CR7 的布加堤凱龍

  • That's worth about three million dollars.

    這台車要價 300 萬美元

  • He even owns a private jet which costs an estimated 17 million dollars.

    他甚至有一台私人專屬飛機,要價 1700 萬美元

  • That jet also has a CR7 logo branded on the side of it.

    他的私人飛機也有印他 CR7 的專屬 logo

  • Even though he just paid a 21.7 million dollar fine over tax fraud to avoid jail time in Spain.

    即使最近他被罰了 2170 萬美元的逃漏稅,才能免除牢獄之災

  • His soccer legacy and his money-making empire is set to continue beyond his retirement.


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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the richest athletes in the world.

C 羅是世界上最有錢的運動員之一

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