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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the richest athletes in the world.
The Real Madrid soccer player is worth more than 450 million dollars.
Here's a look at how Christiano Ronaldo built his multi-million dollar empire.
Ronaldo sign with Manchester United the massive English Football Club at 18 years old. 
Ronaldo took the soccer world by storm soon after that with 654 career goals on the books.
He became one of the most recognizable faces in all of the sports.
His work on the field is valued so much that his legs are insured for 144 million dollars.
And as of June of 2018, the soccer star has already made an estimated 108 million dollars.
61 million came from his salary bonuses and winnings.
And his endorsement deals brought in an additional 47 million dollars.
Ronaldo may not be the highest-paid player in soccer.
But what separates him from other soccer players is how he leverages his brand on social media.
Ronaldo is a prolific user of social media and has the biggest social media following of any athlete.
He outranked Messi and Neymar by tens of millions of followers across Facebook Instagram and Twitter. 
According to the sponsorship analytics firm Hook It, Ronaldo has a total following of about 323.4 million followers across these platforms. 
He has about 142.2 million more followers than Messi.
And about 129.2 million more followers than Neymar.
On Instagram, he is the third largest following on the planet with 129 million followers. 
That's why his sponsors pay a hefty sum for just a single sponsored post on his social media pages.
Ronaldo has more than 2.3 million social media interactions per post which generated 1.8 million dollars in value. 
for brands like Nike, for each of their sponsored posts
That captured as a promoted post for Nike and then we put a dollar value on how much that post is for, based on how many people engage with it.
So how many people like it, comment on it, share it on YouTube, and how many people views videos
When all that makes close to $400,000 on each of his sponsored posts on Instagram in 2018.
Global brands also want to make him the face of their companies. 
His endorsements range from watch companies to cable providers.
 He even backs an Egyptian steel company. 
Ronaldo has something that no other rival soccer player has-a lifetime contract with Nike.
has worth an estimated 1 billion dollars.
That deal was made back in 2016.
And has the potential to go on for decades after he's retired from soccer.
Michael Jordan has a similar deal with Nike that has paid him every year since retiring back in 2003.
So what does Ronaldo like to spend his money on?
He invests a lot of his money into his own businesses.
Ronaldo owns a luxury underwear line, footwear, blankets,
a fragrance line, mobile apps and creative agency, restaurants and even hotels.
Back in 2015, Ronaldo invested 40 million dollars in Pestana  hotel group.
Ronaldo's lifestyles larger than life.
From expensive clothes to lavish residences. 
He lives in the 7.1 million dollar villa in Spain and an 18.5 million dollar apartment in Trump Tower in New York City.
The soccer star also owns a bunch of expensive cars.
From Lamborghinis to Ferraris
but most recently Ronaldo drives a custom Bugatti Chiron with his custom CR7 logo.
That's worth about three million dollars.
He even owns a private jet which costs an estimated 17 million dollars.
That jet also has a CR7 logo branded on the side of it.
Even though he just paid a 21.7 million dollar fine over tax fraud to avoid jail time in Spain.
His soccer legacy and his money-making empire is set to continue beyond his retirement.
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