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  • Quick question

  • what is stuff?

  • Maybe that's too big.

  • Fine, how about this one

  • Where are we?

  • Like, all of us, Earth, the solar system, the galaxywhere the heck are we?

  • These questions are kind of a starting point for the scientific method and have been asked

  • by thinkers for a long time.

  • They're questions that not only make us try to find answers, but make us think about

  • How we find answers.

  • I'm Hank Green and for most of my life I've been obsessed with questions, answers, why

  • we ask questions, and how we get those answers.

  • To that end, ever since we started making Crash Course I've wanted to make a series

  • about the History of Science.


  • If we look at that first question I asked, “what is stuff”: while physicists will

  • say that stuff is made of atoms, and atoms are made of quarks and leptons, we still don't

  • know, like... why quarks exist.

  • Or why there appears to be far more matter in the universe than we can account for.

  • Which isweird!

  • And we don't have the answers yet.

  • But, we use a method to get at the answers.

  • A method that we've been developing for many centuries.

  • The Scientific Method.

  • This series is going to be our chance to explore that method's development through the ages.

  • From people like Aristotle and Plato and their schools/cults, to the Mauryan empire and how

  • they tied science and religion to practical things like irrigation.

  • The pre-industrial world is full of science and people trying to answer big questions.

  • Both because they were fascinated and because they wanted tonot die.

  • But we won't stop there.

  • Modern history is full of us expanding our knowledge and coming up with new answers to

  • age old questions.

  • Making planes fly, the discovery of DNA, the space race, and yesunfortunately a few

  • bombs, have all opened new doors to our understanding of what stuff is and where we are.

  • So please, join me this year as we look at the storied, messy, and amazing history of

  • humans figuring stuff out, here on Crash Course History of Science.

Quick question


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科學史速成班預覽 (Crash Course History of Science Preview)

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