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  • Well, apparently, I've been told we're testing out junk food?

  • I'm a bit nervous, I'm expecting some big monster plate of something...

  • ... that'll make me really fat all of a sudden

  • Oh, no...

  • Okay?

  • Do you know when you die and you go to heaven, you're probably greeted with one of these (laughs)

  • It looks like...diabetes on a plate!!

  • Don't judge me, okay

  • So much chocolate (laughs)

  • It's good, the chocolate is good

  • My mouth is really enjoying it...

  • ...but my brain is kinda thinking about all the burpees I need to do to overcome this, I think

  • Can I finish it?

  • Put it... get it away from me

  • I've done it. I can't do it any more. That is so good

  • Doritos are my weak point, I have to say

  • This I can do

  • It even looks good, like d'you know?

  • Mmhmm, I could eat the whole packet

  • and probably most of that jar

  • Oh my God (laughs)!!!

  • What are you doing' to me...

  • I hope my clients aren't watching

  • What is this called?

  • - Whopper

  • It's a whopper

  • So good!!

  • Tastes good but again, it's like, is it worth it

  • It depends what kinda training you're doing but... it's worth it to me...

  • How many burpees am I gonna have to do later?

  • You're talking like...48,500 calories just in this!

  • It's like all my cheat meals for the whole month...together

  • If you're trying to be healthy...

  • ...forget about it

  • It's like, everyone thinks personal trainers, and they eat healthy..

  • ...and you know, they never touch bad things, but we're human too.

  • Once you start, you can't stop

  • I might take this with me

  • I can definitely much of this

  • That would be worth working off...

  • The whole thing is probably like... a thousand calories

  • That's no too easy to be burning off on a treadmill there

  • If you're gonna have a cheat meal... do a proper cheat meal

  • Don't half-ass it (laughs)

  • That's a killer. That's just mean

  • Wouldn't even go near Coke

  • Yeah, I haven't had real Coke in... I think, a couple of years.

  • 140 calories...for, like, a few sups of Coke

  • You don't want to drink...drink them to often otherwise, yeah, you'll be in the gym a lot.

  • Carbs and sugar. Calories, carbs and sugar, that's it.

  • Definitely not worth it, if that's what you're about to ask.

  • I feel really full now, kind of bloated.

  • Yeah, I definitely need to add in a little bit of metabolic conditioning...

  • my program for the next few days to make up for it. It's not worth it!

  • That's why people don't go out, like, they need to put the work in to...

  • then be able to afford to eat that kind of stuff and again

  • I wanna leave with a couple of words of wisdon

  •, what are my final thoughts?

  • ...Erm...

  • ...Coca Cola...don't bother!

Well, apparently, I've been told we're testing out junk food?


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私人教練嘗試垃圾食品 (Personal Trainers Try Junk Food)

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