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  • [One day I was lowering a pizza when there was a gust of wind.]


  • [The pizza took off and fell on a customer's face because I didn't have time to warn him.]


  • In the center of Havana, there's a pair of entrepreneurs who are taking pizza delivery to new heights.


  • [I'm Marta one, the older one, and she's Marta two, the younger one.]

    [我是 Marta 一號,比較老的那個,而她是 Marta 二號,比較年輕的那個。]

  • [Two Hawaiians.]


  • [How much longer for the cheese and onion?]


  • [They're on the way? Great.]


  • [At first, we carried the pizza down the stairs. This would tire us out.]


  • [People started giving us all kinds of ideas until someone suggested we lower the pizza from the balcony in a basket.]


  • In 2010, Marta number one and her husband were granted a private business license and opened up a pizzeria.

    在 2010 年,Marta 一號和她先生拿到私人營業證照並開了一家披薩店。

  • A few months ago, her husband passed away.


  • Now her best friend is helping her keep the pizzeria alive.


  • [The pizzeria's called A Mi Manera because you order the pizza the way you want it and we make it.]

    [這家披薩店叫做 A Mi Manera,因為你可以點你想要的披薩,我們就會做出來。]

  • Since then, the pizzeria, which operates from Marta number one's roof, has filled countless stomachs with their secret recipe.

    從那時候開始,在 Marta 一號管理的披薩店內吃了披薩店神秘配方的顧客不計其數。

  • [The key to the taste of the pizza is in the dough and the sauce.]


  • [Every pizza maker has their own sauce and dough.]


  • [They don't reveal their secret.]


  • [We've tried to be consistent with our dough. Here it's handmade.]


  • [The quality of this pizza is indisputable. People come form all over to eat our pizza.]


  • [Pizza helps Cubans survive and persevere.]


  • Ever since Marta number two joined Marta number one in business,

    自從 Marta 二號加入了 Marta 一號的生意,

  • the two have formed a true partnership.


  • [The two Martas can do whatever they feel is right.]

    [兩個 Marta 可以做任何她們覺得對的事。]

  • [Either one of us has the power to decide what's missing or what needs to be better for the business.]


  • [I always try to do things while laughing because laughter brightens up the day.]


  • [A smile is tremendously valuable.]


[One day I was lowering a pizza when there was a gust of wind.]


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