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  • The creation of the potato chip is a rather snarky, surprising, and idiosyncratic story.


  • When French fries made their way to America, they soon became a restaurant mainstay.


  • Many restaurants served fries as their signature dish.


  • Believe it or not, they were once considered very hoity-toity.


  • In 1853, George Crum was a chef at the Moon's Lake House in Saratoga Springs, New York.

    1853 年,洋芋片發明人 George Crum 在紐約州 Saratoga Springs 小鎮的 Moon's Lake House 擔任主廚。

  • Their signature dish was none other than Moon's Fried Potatoes, or as the aristocrats would say, "Potatoes served in the French Manner."


  • One day, just like any other, a customer some believe to have been Cornelius Vanderbilt himself ordered fries.

    某一天,有位據說是 Cornelius Vanderbilt(史上最富裕美國人之一)本人的客人來到了餐廳,點了薯條。

  • Upon being served, Cornelius scoffed and sent them back.

    餐點一上桌,Cornelius 就嘲笑著將薯條給退了回去。

  • He deemed the fries soggy and not crispy enough.


  • This insanity continued a few more times until Crum lost it.

    這樣荒唐的行為反覆了好幾次,直到 Crum 暴走。

  • I mean, he really lost it.


  • He fired back, cutting the potatoes paper-thin and frying them up.


  • You see, back in 1853, eating with your hands was a major faux pas, making Crum's revenge even more diabolical.

    要知道的是,在 1853 年,用手吃東西是極為失禮的,這使得 Crum 的報復更加過分。

  • By cutting the potatoes paper-thin, there would be no way that Cornelius could use his fork, forcing him to use his hands.

    把馬鈴薯削成跟紙一樣薄,Cornelius 絕對沒辦法使用叉子,只能用手進食。

  • Crum's plan backfired, kind of, as the patrons dug in with both hands, and loved them.

    Crum 的報復似乎沒什麼效果,因為這位客人不僅用雙手碰食物,更對被削成薄片的馬鈴薯愛不釋手。

  • Saratoga Chips were born.

    Saratoga 洋芋片自此誕生。

  • They became a Saratoga dining staple.


  • Soon thereafter, they took the world by storm.


  • Crum himself even opened his own restaurant with baskets of chips displayed on each and every table.

    Crum 甚至開了自己的餐廳,並在每桌都上放著一籃籃的洋芋片。

The creation of the potato chip is a rather snarky, surprising, and idiosyncratic story.


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