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This is Buda,
(whooshing) and this is Pest.
Together it makes Budapest.
This is the River Danube, this is some paprika,
this is a huge Parliament building,
and this is some paprika.
They have a delicious selection of fruits,
and oh my God, there's paprika.
Pa-pri-ka, paprika! (popping)
I mean, it's everywhere.
This has to be a thing. (popping)
(calm jazz music)
This is a paprika pepper.
Once it's cut, dried, and grinded down, it makes this:
paprika powder. (ethereal chimes)
And here in Hungary, it's a big deal.
Known to locals as the Red Gold,
this spicy ingredient is in pretty much everything.
Hungarian goulash, chicken paprika, stuffed cabbage.
I mean, in some places, it's even next to the salt.
Here at the Great Market Hall of Budapest,
well, you guessed it.
We have a huge range of paprika from all over the country.
We use it for almost every Hungarian food,
and it's very delicious.
We even have a museum and a festival dedicated to paprika.
Yes. (whooshing)
Welcome to PaprikaMolnár Museum.
My name is Anita Molnar, and I am the paprika historian.
(popping) Paprika is a very common
Hungarian spice that was created
about 200 years ago in this region, in Szeged.
It is a spice; it colors your food red;
and we Hungarians tend to maybe overuse it, but we love it.
Originally, it was brought over to Europe by Columbus.
Therefore, the mother plant was definitely
some kind of a chili. (popping)
People who were trying it, they figured
it was a lot like black pepper.
For people who couldn't afford to buy
very expensive black pepper, they started to use
the fruit of this plant as a pepper substitute.
(plucky string music)
But nowadays, it's not just used for food.
Isn't that right, Peter?
Yes, definitely we have some paprika soap.
You know, the soap has some paprika aromas.
It doesn't hurt when you wash yourself. (laughs)
But that's not all.
They've got paprika-flavored honey,
(popping) paprika-flavored palinka,
paprika-flavored chocolate. (catches breath)
Everything paprika.
Okay, back to the kitchen.
This stuff may be ancient, but it's on
some of the city's most modern menus.
Let's try this.
Mm, oh my God.
So good.
(plucky string music)
(high-pitched vibrato note)


匈牙利辣了 200 年 (Spicing Up Hungary For 200 Years)

2522 分類 收藏
Evangeline 發佈於 2018 年 6 月 22 日    Evangeline 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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