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  • You are having a coffee with a close friend and bring up how you need a new bathing suit, then BAM, all of a sudden there are ads on your phone for bathing suits.


  • Our smartphones are with us at all times, but are companies and governments using them to spy on us?

    雖然手機是不離身,但公司與政府有用此來監控著我們嗎 ?

  • You may be suspicious for a good reason.


  • A New York Times piece uncovered that thousands of apps, including gaming apps for kids are equipped with the software Alfonso.

    一則紐約時報導揭露了,上千種的 app, 包括孩童玩的遊戲 app 都包入了 Alfonso 軟體

  • Alfonso uses your smartphone microphone to listen to the ads that you are watching on TV.

    Alfonso 使用手機的麥克風來收音你正在收看電視的廣告

  • It uses audio signals to collect TV viewing data in order for advertisers to personally promote things to you online.


  • Alfonso "claims" to not record human speech.

    Alfonso 表示沒有錄下人類的話

  • Facebook has created a device called Pixel, which is designed as a way to continue tracking you online even after you've left a website.

    Facebook 發明了一種裝置叫 Pixel,是用來持續追蹤你,即使你離開了網站

  • By dropping a small piece of data called a cookie, your device will now remember information, like how long you linger on a certain item, and whether you added anything to your shopping cart, but didn't purchase it.

    透過一種叫 cookie 的資料傳輸,你的手機能夠記得一些資訊,像是你在一件物品上停留多久,還有那些添加到購物車卻還沒結帳的東西。

  • Millions of websites use Facebook Pixel, which is why the hat you didn't end up buying follows you around Facebook forever

    大多數網站都有在使用 Facebook Pixel,所以你最你最後沒買的帽子,會一直在 Facebook 上纏著你

  • But sites like Facebook even follow you offline and have been known to purchase information and create a database of over


  • 52,000 different attributes about you, for example, Facebook buys data from supermarket loyalty programs.

    記載超過 5200 不同面向的你,例如 Facebook 跟超級市場買熟客資料

  • So if you have a points card with a grocery storeFacebook may be paying to understand your purchasing patterns

    如果您日常消費的地方有集點卡,Facebook 有可能會花錢去了解你的消費模式

  • Potentially learning about what you eat or even what type of toothpaste you use.


  • So, your phone can listen to you, but it can also follow you as well.


  • Every time you receive a text or use data to load an app,

    每當你收到短信或是用資料去載入 app

  • companies can log and retain your location based on the cell tower and cellular antenna you connect it to.


  • The precision of location has increased over time and get paint a detailed picture of where you go.


  • So, your phone may start sending you ads for swimsuits because you were just physically in or near a surf shop.


  • These companies will claim they aren't doing anything you haven't agreed to as you have accepted the privacy policy that allows the collection of your information.

    這些公司會說我們沒有做你不同意的事情,因為你在 app 上按了同意個資收集的隱私條款。

  • And did you read the fine print?


  • Probably not.


  • A study presented 543 participants with a fake app called Name Drop to see how many would read the privacy policy and terms of service.

    一則研究顯示了 543 位參與者使用一款假的 app 叫 Name Drop,目的要知道有多少人會真的閱讀這些隱私政策與服務條款

  • 74% skipped reading the agreement all together, and those who did read it didn't do a great job.

    74% 的人會全部跳過,至於那些有閱讀的也沒有讀得很完整

  • 98% percent of participants missed the gotcha clauses, which included sharing all your data with the NSA, your employer, and agreeing to provide your firstborn child as payment

    98% 的參與者忽略了一些使你受騙上當的子句,像是會要你同意分享個資給國家安全局,給你的雇主,並且同意把你的長子當做抵押

  • And what about the rise of smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa?

    那正興起的智慧型喇叭像是 Google Home 和 Amazon Alexa 呢?

  • Which are designed to listen to you at all times.


  • Though, they are supposed to only record your voice when giving prompts like "Ok, Google"

    不過,它們應該只有在給提示的時候才能錄音,像是 Ok,Google

  • Recently a couple found that Amazon's Alexa recorded a private conversation and then randomly sent it to a friend

    最近一對夫妻發現 Amazon 的 Alexa 錄下了一段私密對話並傳送給朋友

  • These are deemed unfortunate glitches.


  • But what if someone gained access to them as Wi-Fi networks and mobile internet devices are easier to hack than you might think?

    但無線網路與手機網路裝置比你想的還容易入侵,萬一遇到有心人士該怎麼辦 ?

  • Your typical wireless internet information is kept confidential


  • by being converted from a readable state to nonsense at the access point and then converted back to a readable state when you use the

    當你在電腦上輸入正確的 Wi-Fi 密碼,密碼資訊傳到無限分享器時會被轉換成程式碼

  • correct Wi-Fi password from your computer.


  • When Internet moved from physically wired networks to wireless technology it became easier to hack and less secure because the encryption


  • schemes are relatively simple.


  • For example,


  • Your webcam can be hacked by creating a remote access tool which is the digital equivalent of someone adding an unlocked window to your home without you even noticing.


  • Also, the FBI Agent meme isn't far from the truth, as the FBI is known to use phishing, which is slipping a link into a message

    同時,FBI 的探員對此也不會感到陌生,他們慣用的手法俗稱網路釣魚,就是將連結塞入訊息之中

  • that is labeled in a misleading way... when you hit the link your device connects to the FBI's computer


  • downloading malware, which is then able to covertly spy on you.


  • Long story short, your phone is capable of listening to you, following you, and even watching you.


  • If online security and privacy is important to you, make sure you check out today's sponsor of our video Nord VPN, who is offering you

    如果你重視個人網路安全及隱私,一定要來看看我們今天的影片的贊助著 Nord VPN

  • 77% off of a three-year plan.

    Nord VPN 提供 3 年的方案可以享有 2.3 折優惠

  • If you use the promo code "asapscience" or go to VPNs or virtual private networks, encrypt your Internet traffic and mask your identity online so people can't see where you're searching or get access to your private information.

    前提要使用促銷代碼 asapscience 或是直接到這網站。VPNs 是虛擬私人網路,它會加密你的網路連線、掩飾你的身分,所以別人看不到你搜尋的地方,也無法取得你的個人資訊。

  • NordVPN is the world's most advanced VPN service using military-grade encryption.

    NordVPN 是全球最先進的虛擬私人網路服務、使用的是軍事等級的加密

  • They also offer a super-fast experience with almost no impact on speed while using it.


  • It has features like an automatic kill switch, browser proxy extension, ad blocking, and many more.


  • NordVPN even passes the Great Firewall of China and works in the Middle East where not all VPNs work

    NordVPN 甚至可以翻過中國國家防火牆,還能夠到達少數有服務的中東地區

  • With 4300 servers and counting, in 62 countries,

    擁有 4300 個伺服器,遍布 62 個國家

  • They're constantly growing and expanding, which separates them from other providers.


  • On top of all this, you can use it on six devices simultaneously

    除此之外,你還可以同時在 6 個裝置使用

  • like your phone, your computer, your tablet, so that you're protecting your information at all times, including if you're on public Wi-Fi.


  • Again, you can use the promo code 'asapscience' or head to

    你也可以使用促銷代碼 asapscience 或直接到這網站

  • to get 77 percent off of a three-year plan and start protecting your privacy online.

    索取 3 年 2.3 折的優惠,來開始保護你的個資

  • Thanks so much for watching and we'll see you next Thursday for a new science video.


  • Peace.

You are having a coffee with a close friend and bring up how you need a new bathing suit, then BAM, all of a sudden there are ads on your phone for bathing suits.


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