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  • If you've ever paid for something with your phone, transferred money using an app or checked your bank statement online, then you're already part of a multi-billion dollar industry.

    如果你曾經用手機付錢、用 app 轉帳或是線上查看你的帳戶明細,那你已經是某項數十億產業的一員了。

  • It's called fintech, and it's changing economies around the world.

    它名叫 fintech ,正在改變全球經濟。

  • Fintech is short for Financial Technology - seems simple, right?

    Fintech 是金融科技的縮寫,看似簡單對吧 ?

  • Well, the term fintech includes a huge range of products, technologies, and business models that are changing the financial services industry.

    fintech 包括了大範圍的產品、科技與商業模式,而它們正在慢慢改變金融服務的產業。

  • It refers to everything from cashless payments, to crowdfunding platforms, to robo-advisors, to virtual currencies.


  • So every time you donate to someone's Kickstarter campaign - that's fintech.

    每當你捐錢給某人的 Kickstarter 募款活動,那就是金融科技。

  • Or if you transfer money to someone using Venmo - that's also fintech.

    或是你用 Venmo 轉帳給別人,那也是金融科技。

  • And that's just the beginning.


  • Here at a major fintech conference in Amsterdam, hundreds of companies are trying to disrupt the banking and finance industries by changing the way we pay and borrow money.


  • And investors are buying it.


  • Global investment in the fintech sector has added up to nearly $100 billion since 2010.

    自從 2010,全球在金融產業的投資加起來將近一千億。

  • In 2017 alone, fintech investment surged 18%.

    光是 2017 年,金融科技的投資上升了 18%。

  • Startups focusing on payment and lending technologies received the majority of those funds.


  • It's not just startups that are getting into fintech.


  • Some of the world's biggest companies from Apple to Alibaba are going big on it, too.


  • Just think of Apple Pay or Alipay.


  • One reason for all of this investment?

    這樣的投資總有個原因吧 ?

  • Consumers are adopting fintech - fast.


  • One out of every three people across 20 major economies report using at least two fintech services in the last six months.

    在 20 個主要的經濟體中,在過去半年,每 3 人之中就有 1 人至少使用 2 種金融科技的服務。

  • China and India are leading the way with more than half of consumers using services like money transfers, financial planning, borrowing and insurance.


  • Financial technology has filled a void for people around the world who don't have access to traditional banking services.


  • In fact, it's estimated nearly two billion people worldwide are without bank accounts.

    事實上,估計全球有 20 億人口沒有銀行帳戶。

  • Now, thanks to fintech, all you need is your phone to take out a loan or insurance.


  • Take Kenya, which pioneered a mobile banking system called M-Pesa.

    以肯亞來說,它是手機金融服務系統的始祖國,他們的系統叫 M-Pesa。

  • Kenyans access their M-Pesa accounts directly on their mobile phones to transfer money, pay bills or take out loans.

    肯亞人用手機就可以取得 M-Pesa 的帳號來轉帳、繳帳單或是貸款。

  • Today, an estimated 96% of households in Kenya use M-Pesa.

    至今,估計 96% 肯亞的住戶在使用 M-Pesa。

  • And one study found it has helped lift roughly 2% of Kenyan households out of extreme poverty.

    一則研究調查也指出 M-Pesa 幫助了 2% 的肯亞人脫離極端貧困。

  • The rise of fintech has forced traditional lenders, insurers and asset managers to embrace new digital technologies.


  • For example, wealth managers now have to compete with robo-advisors which are automated financial planning services.


  • I mean talk about rise of the robots, right?

    大家都知道機器人越來越厲害對吧 ?

  • Thanks to high-tech algorithms, these services are available 24/7.


  • And can be more affordable than traditional asset managers.


  • That helps explain why some robo-advisors already have billions of dollars under management.


  • Like any growing industry, fintech isn't without risks.


  • And some regulators have struggled to keep up with the fast pace of innovation.


  • Think of peer-to-peer lending platforms - where individuals borrow and lend without going through a bank.


  • Compared to traditional banks, these services might not be required to set aside as much money in case customers default on their loans.


  • This can be risky for companies and consumers.


  • Data privacy is another major concern.


  • As more financial services go digital, cyber attacks become a bigger risk.


  • The challenges facing financial technology are likely to grow as more businesses go digital.


  • But for many of the companies and consumers here - fintech is more than a buzzword.

    但對許多公司與消費者而言, fintech 不只是個流行一時的詞。

  • It's a big business opportunity.


  • Hey everyone, Elizabeth here. Thanks so much for tuning in.

    大家好,我是 Elizabeth,謝謝收看我的頻道。

  • Be sure to check out more of our videos over here including one about blockchain and another where I talk to a company that's going cashless.


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  • See you later!

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If you've ever paid for something with your phone, transferred money using an app or checked your bank statement online, then you're already part of a multi-billion dollar industry.

如果你曾經用手機付錢、用 app 轉帳或是線上查看你的帳戶明細,那你已經是某項數十億產業的一員了。

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