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Hi Bob the Canadian here.
Sometimes when you know you're going to have an English conversation, it's a good idea
to think about the things that you're going to talk about.
One thing that's really easy to talk about is to ask people about some of their favourite
In this video I'll help you learn some English questions and responses to be able to talk
about your favourite things and to be able to ask people about theirs.
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You're going to be having a conversation in English and it's a good idea to plan some
things to talk about in advance.
One of the easiest things to plan for is to be able to ask people about their favourite
things, and be ready to answer with your favourite things.
So let's look at a few of them.
The first thing you might ask someone is, "What is you favourite colour?" a faster version
of that question would be, "What's your favourite colour?"
And in reverse someone may ask you the same question.
What's your favourite colour?
So let's look at what my favourite colour is.
Here's how I would answer if you asked me that question.
Hey Bob the Canadian, what's your favourite colour?
My favourite colour is orange.
But we shouldn't just stop there.
If you ask someone about their favourite colour, or if someone asks you about it, you should
be able to also ask, "Why?" and answer, "Why?"
So why is orange my favourite colour?
Well orange is my favourite colour because when I was really little in school the teacher
was asking everyone what their favourite colour was.
And no one was saying orange.
And I kinda felt bad.
So I said orange was my favourite colour.
As you can tell it still is today.
If you look at my thumbnails and my Youtube channel, it's all in orange.
It's still one of my favourite colours.
Another thing when talking about favourites that's very common to ask is, "What's your
favourite place?"
What's your favourite place to go?
And to answer you would say, “Ah my favourite place to go is…”
So let's do this, let's ask me Bob the Canadian, what is your favourite place to
Well my favourite place to go, of all things, is nowhere.
My favourite place to go is to go home.
So when I'm somewhere else, my favourite place is to be home.
Another thing that you can ask people about or someone may ask you about is, “What is
your favourite food?”
What's your favourite food?
If someone was to ask me this question I would say my favourite food is pizza.
I have loved pizza for a very, very long time.
And if someone was to ask, “Why, Bob the Canadian, is pizza your favourite food?”
or “Why's pizza your favourite food?”
I would have to say when I was little kid, again, on Friday nights my mom would make
homemade pizza.
And we would get eat homemade pizza and it was very very very tasty.
So for my whole life I have always loved pizza.
Another thing that people may ask you about in terms of favourites, or you may ask someone
else is, “What's your favourite movie?
What's your favourite T.V. show?”
So many of us go see movies, many of us have seen movies that we liked, we have seen movies
that we didn't like, but sometimes there's movies that are our favourites.
If someone was to ask me, “Hey Bob the Canadian, what's your favourite movie?”
I would have to say my favourite movie is any of the Lord of the Rings movies.
In particular, I like the very first Lord of the Rings movie.
So if someone was to ask, “Hey Bob the Canadian, what's your favourite movie?”
I would say The Lord of the Rings.
Another thing that people might ask in addition to what's your favourite movie is, “Who
is your favourite actor or actress?”
Who's your favourite actor Bob the Canadian?
I would have to say, my favourite actor is Matt Damon.
Most movies that have Matt Damon in it are movies that I have liked.
In particular I liked all of the Jason Bourne movies, and I really liked the movie The Martian.
So Matt Damon is my favourite actor.
Why is he my favourite actor?
I think because I like action movies.
I like movies where there's a really fast good storyline, and usually Matt Damon is
in those kinds of movies.
The last favourite, the last question that people might ask about your favourites is,
“Who's your favourite person?”
And this is a tricky one, because you have to be careful when you're talking about
who your favourite person is.
My favourite person in the world is my wife for obvious reasons.
I don't think I need to give any, but people might ask things like, “Who's your favourite
To which I would not give an answer because I don't think it's a good idea to choose
favourites among students.
If someone was to ask me, “Which of your children is your favourite?”
I would probably just say, I would probably just say, “I love them all equally.”
So that's a number of questions about favourites, and a number of answers that I've given
about favourites.
Your job now is to think about if you had to answer those questions, how would you answer
Bob the Canadian here.
Learn English with Bob the Canadian.
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Learn English Words & Phrases To Talk About Your Favourite Things!

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