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  • Out front to the man Michael Jordan

  • Jordan up top, fake left, go right, he's there, lay it up score it easily, wow!

  • Stockton inside to Karl Malone, they double him, Jordan knocks it away from him

  • Jordan's got it, the Bulls can win it right here, the Bulls can win it, unbelievable!

  • 16 seconds left Bulls down 1

  • Michael against Russell, 12 seconds, 11, 10, Jordan, Jordan a drive, hangs, fires, Scores!

  • He scores, the Bulls lead 87-86, with 5 and 2 tenths left

  • And now their one stop away! Oh my goodness!

  • Russell comes in to Stockton, Stockton 4 seconds, Stockton a 3 up out front

  • Rimming, no, ball tipped away, Chicago is world champions once more!

  • The Chicago Bulls have won their 6th NBA Championship in the last 8 years

  • Phil Jackson: MJ, oh my God, that was beautiful, what a finish!

  • Michael Jordan: I had faith, I had faith.

  • Phil Jackson: God bless ya, God bless ya

  • To the Chicago Bulls the 1998 NBA Champion and a team for the ages, congratulations

(Music Starting)


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邁克爾-喬丹的最後一擊 (Michael Jordan's Final Shot)

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