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Hello, everyone zoom here again today
We are actually going to continue the manual boost controller installed on an internal actuator setup
So we're using a manual bicycle pump again to simulate
Positive pressure aka both that would come [from] your turbo compressor. So what we have here know is
from the bicycle pump
[to] the Gauge the boost gauge, then we run a tee fitting now to the actual actuator
so if you watch the Boost gauge
You'll see it start to open roughly around [7] PSI and start to come off it see
Make it bleed back
And you can watch it again pop around 7:00 and start to come off [his] see
okay, so she's pretty much fully open at 7:00, so
The Spring Written in here is fog around [7:00] PSI. Which is what a factory?
Sr20 will probably be running around
So, but this is the correct way to install a manual host controller on an internal actuator
We still have the compressed line the compressed liner will go from here, [so] [we] would t this
this line no would go to the actuator and the
Line would go to the south end this would leave open to atmosphere, or you could actually put another line on here
And it's vented away
Depends on the location where you want to install it for this demonstration. We just want to leave it open
So let's see where we are right [now]
it's going to
screw this off screw this down and let's
So you can see it's going to bleed some pressure off
Yep, and let's tighten this up now and see
how we increase some boosts, so I'm just going to screw this in a few clicks and
as you can see now it's a lot more pressure it takes [to] open the
actuator increasing [boost] so
effectively, you just increase your boost [with] a manual boost controller for about 40 bucks and
Very simple way to do it. Thank you guys for watching Hope you guys found this video informative
Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comments below and as always stay tuned


渦輪 (Manual Boost Controller Install (part 2 internal actuator))

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許小龍 發佈於 2018 年 6 月 2 日
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