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  • Hi, I’m Francis,

  • the host of this show "Cooking with Dog."

  • First, let’s prepare the ingredients.

  • Cut the yaki dofu, grilled firm tofu into 6 to 8 equal pieces.

  • Remove the root end of the onion.

  • And slice it into 6 wedges.

  • Remove the stem ends of the shimeji mushrooms.

  • Separate the shimeji into pieces.

  • Remove the firm stalk of the shungiku leaves.

  • Then, tear the shungiku into bite-size pieces.

  • And now, let’s make the Niku Dofu.

  • Combine the dashi stock, sake,

  • mirin,

  • sugar

  • and the soy sauce.

  • Stir and lightly dissolve the sugar.

  • Place the yaki dofu into the pot.

  • Turn the burner to medium heat.

  • Then, flip the tofu over, heating it evenly.

  • When the inside of the tofu begins to warm up,

  • add the onion and simmer for 2 to 3 minutes.

  • Now, add the shimeji mushrooms and lightly simmer.

  • Then, distribute the thin beef slices among the ingredients.

  • Add the shredded ginger root.

  • Submerge the beef slices into the broth to cook evenly.

  • When the beef is almost browned, add the shungiku

  • and turn off the burner.

  • In a bowl, arrange the yaki dofu,

  • beef,

  • onion,

  • shimeji

  • and the shungiku.

  • Ladle the broth over the Niku Dofu.

  • Finally, garnish with the beni shoga, pickled ginger.

  • Cooking the ingredients in this order will help avoid overcooking the beef

  • while the tofu is simmering in the broth.

  • Tender beef with a little fat will make this recipe more delicious.

  • Bok choy, scallions, napa cabbage or pork can be also used in this recipe.

  • Good luck in the kitchen.

Hi, I’m Francis,


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壽喜燒式日料豆腐食譜 (Sukiyaki-style Niku Dofu Recipe)

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