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  • Hi, I am Francis,

  • the host of this show "Cooking with Dog."

  • Let's cook the scallions.

  • Pinch off the tips of the scallions in order to prevent them from bursting wide open in the boiling water.

  • Immerse the white part in the boiling water for 30 seconds. 6 00:00:32,474 --> 00:00:36,729 When they become wilted, cook the green part for 10 to 15 seconds.

  • Remove and place the scallions on a mesh strainer.

  • Quickly cool them down with a paper fan.

  • Line up the scallions by their end roots on the cutting board.

  • Remove the roots and cut the scallions into around one and half inch pieces.

  • Scrape the scallions from the roots to the top in order to squeeze out the excess gell.

  • Let's toast the Aburaage (Deep-Fried Thin Slice of Tofu).

  • Press the aburaage against the paper towel and remove the excess oil.

  • Roast the aburaage on the cooking grid.

  • Flip it over several times and brown the surface until crispy.

  • Place the aburaage on the cutting board and cut it in half.

  • Chop it into ¼ inch strips.

  • Slice the boiled octopus intoinch slices.

  • Let's make the Karashi Sumiso (Japanese mustard, vinegar and miso sauce).

  • Mix the sugar and vinegar in a bowl.

  • When the sugar is completely dissolved,

  • add the white miso

  • and karashi (Japanese Mustard) and stir the mixture thoroughly.

  • Add the chopped scallions to the mixture and lightly mix.

  • Add the octopus slices

  • and aburaage

  • and toss to coat.

  • Serve the Karashi Sumisoae in a dish.

  • Finally, press the kinome leaves on your hand in order to increase its aroma

  • and use them for garnish.

  • Please enjoy the Karashi Sumisoae as soon as possible,

  • otherwise it will become mushy

  • and the color of the scallions will be ruined from the acid of the vinegar.

  • White miso is low in salt

  • so reduce the amount of miso if you are using regular miso.

  • Good luck in the kitchen!

Hi, I am Francis,


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如何做章魚蔥卡梨須彌的製作方法 (How to Make Octopus Scallion Karashi Sumisoae)

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