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  • - You eat when we say you eat. You shit when we say you shit you piss when we say you piss you


  • you got that you mega dick motherfucker. - Can a film which is grated are for a host of

    有聽懂嗎 ? 你這狗娘養的爛人。」一部好電影有辦法由

  • obscenities produced by a cast and crew of non-believers and which paints the

    一群講髒話的演員和一群無信仰者組成嗎 ? 而且將

  • only Christian as evil hypocrite be in fact the greatest Christian movie ever


  • - Put you trust in the Lord your ass belongs to me


  • welcome to Shawshank. - The Shawshank Redemption is one of Hollywood's most

    歡迎來到肖申克監獄。」刺激 1995 是好萊塢最受

  • beloved films according to public voting on IMDB it ranks just above the

    喜愛的電影之一,根據 IMDB 網站上的投票,它的排名正好在

  • Godfather in the number one spot people are drawn to this film for its message


  • of hope and enduring friendship I am warning you to afraid turn which


  • remarkably come together in a Christian act of redemption


  • - Man missing on care to cell 245. - When Andy Dufresne escapes after 2 hours of

    「二樓 245 囚室的犯人不見了。」當安迪·杜佛蘭在電影演出 2 小時後逃跑時

  • screen time 19 years in the story, it hits as a total twist. - He was in his cell

    在牢房度過 19 年的故事變成最大的轉折點。「在熄燈時,他人還在囚室裡

  • and lights out sansa reasoning still be here in the morning. -


  • lead-up or execution of a plan. - He must say something. No, sirs. Not a word. - Andy just


  • disappears. - Lord it's a miracle. Man vanished like a fart in the wind. -


  • - You might get me a rock hammer. - Given that escapes are endemic to prison films


  • viewers might have expected it. The Shawshank Redemption in a

    觀眾也可能已經猜到了。但刺激 1995 電影中

  • slight of hand turns attention elsewhere contrary to every expectation the


  • prisoners of Shawshank fear release while they may hate the walls of the


  • prison they're not seeking to escape from the neither. - What did you hell to do to set him off

    他們也沒有想過要逃跑過。「究竟怎麼會這樣 ?」

  • anyway. - I do nothing I come in here to say farewell. Didn't you heard, his parole come true. -

    「我什麼都沒做,我只是過來道別,你不知道嗎 ? 他的假釋批下來了。」

  • the missus embodied in Brooks after being locked up for 50 years

    這觀念已經深耕在布魯克斯腦中了,在被關了 50 年之後

  • Brooks responds to his parole by attempting to kill a friend just so he


  • can stay behind bars. - I'm telling you these walls are funny


  • first you hate him, enough time passes guess so your depend


  • on. - For Brooks freedom as an exile to world he doesn't belong so when he


  • ultimately finds himself in that exile emptying alone, he sees no other option


  • but to hang himself this is the principle problem for the prisoners of


  • Shawshank and yet not for any Dufresne Andy comes to Shawshank as the innocent


  • outsider and refuses to give up hope. he subverts the prison's dehumanizing


  • system of rules and regulations extending to his fellow prisoners rare


  • and extraordinary reminders of the outside world cold beer after hot days


  • work angelic music over the prison speakers new books to educate men Andy's


  • strength derives from his innocence but when at last the Warden erases evidence


  • of his innocence


  • Andy appears to succumb to the same institutional pessimism of his fellow


  • prisoners. - Andy come down to the loading dock today he asked me for a length of


  • rope. - Remember Brooks Hatlen. - No and he'd never

    「記得布魯克斯·海特倫嗎 ?」「不,他絕不會這麼做。」

  • do that.- I don't know. - He returns to a cell and there appears to hang himself. - That's


  • when the unexpected occurs. - You better be sick or dead in there I shit you not you


  • hear me.- Instead of finding Andy dead, the cell is


  • empty. - Oh my holy God.- Now stop and think about that if you thought this film was


  • just another prison flick. Take another look. The film infuses Andy's escape with


  • a symbolism of new birth it proceeds through a woman's womb


  • and ends with him something headfirst from the other end. This symbolism fits


  • within the film's larger allegory prisoners enter Shawshank like newborns


  • naked and coated in white. - A macho and naked of the day you were born. - And they


  • come to fear release with life's corresponding dread of death. In his


  • escape Andy is born again becomes a new man. - ... spilling her little secret a man


  • nobody ever laid eyes on before. - He preach the identity of wealth McHugh stop I set


  • aside for the Warden until that moment he didn't exist. - I hope you'll enjoy


  • living abroad. - Thank you. - And in taking on this new persona


  • Andy passes judgment on the Warden and his hypocritical system in the end the


  • Warden performs on himself the faith that only moments before he is assumed


  • to be Andy's end. Now look at the empty cell again. Tt's an allusion to the empty


  • tune. - Oh my holy God.- Andy's Escape is an echo of Jesus resurrection but this

    旋律。「我的老天爺啊。」 安迪的逃獄是仿效耶穌復活的情境

  • alone isn't what makes Shawshank the greatest Christian movie ever

    但這並不是讓刺激 1995 成為有史以來最棒的基督電影的唯一因素

  • it's beyond the illusion where Shawshank touches people in a way that gospel

    超乎想像地,刺激 1995 感動了每一個人用和平常福音電影不同的方式

  • films don't. Rather than ending with the resurrection. Shawshank goes on to show

    沒有以逃獄重生作為結尾,刺激 1995 接著

  • why it matters it's not by accident that Andy the only innocent man in Shawshank


  • becomes the best friend of Red, the only guilty man. It's Red and not Andy who


  • needs to be redeemed. - Thank you. -


  • - Only guilty man in Shawshank. - Red like Brooks is institutionalized and three

    「肖申克裡唯一有罪的人。」 瑞德跟布魯克斯一樣已經被監獄體制化了

  • parole hearings at the beginning middle and end the film demonstrates Reds

    在面對同樣 3 個人時,電影演出了瑞德在起初與後來的不同

  • transformation. - If you've been rehabilitated -


  • - Without a doubt, I can honestly say I'm a changed man. No tainted to society here. - In his second


  • he admits to no longer being a danger to society


  • not because he's a better man but because like Brooks he no longer looks


  • forward to the outside world but it's Andy's miraculous escape and his life on


  • the outside which redeems Red. - Well now let me see


  • you know I don't have any idea what that means. - Well that means you're ready to


  • rejoin society. - I know what it means. - In his final hearing, Red at last speaks


  • as a free man he no longer cares whether he remains or goes whether he lives or


  • dies the world outside no longer concerns him because Andy lives. Red can


  • face what the future holds. So when it's time of release does come it's hope and


  • Andy which propels and Beyond and Brooks fate to a life in a world beyond


  • Shawshank. It's obvious now whyRred finds Andy working the wood of a fishing


  • boat all before an eternal sea the Shawshank Redemption is a parable and

    在一大片茫茫大海前面。刺激 1995 是部寓言電影

  • like the parables of Jesus its seed which opens in the right soil


- You eat when we say you eat. You shit when we say you shit you piss when we say you piss you



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肖申克的救贖》中隱藏的意義--"Logos Made Flesh"。 (The Hidden Meaning in the Shawshank Redemption - Logos Made Flesh)

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