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Hi. Bob the Canadian here. Learning the English language can be hard.
And sometimes you will want to quit.
But in this video I am going to look at five ways to stay excited about learning the English
Learning English can take a long time, and sometimes during the journey towards fluency
you might want to quit. In this video I'm going to look at five ways that you can stay
motivated. Five ways that you can stay happy and excited about learning English.
The first thing that you should do to stay excited is:
Do something fun.
Maybe find a youtube video that's really entertaining, something that will make you laugh. Maybe
find a television show that you find especially entertaining, and just take some time to laugh
at what's happening on the screen while you're listening to English.
The second thing that you can do to stay excited and happy about learning English is:
To set a schedule.
Maybe you'll decide that on Mondays you'll do some English reading. On Tuesdays you'll
do some English listening practice. Maybe on Wednesdays you'll take a break. And Thursdays
you'll practice some writing. And on Fridays you will try to find someone with whom you
can have an English conversation.
Having a schedule is an external motivator. It's something outside of you that helps you
to stay on track with your English learning progress.
The third thing that you can do to stay motivated is:
To find encouragement. There are two things that can really encourage you to learn English
more. One is to find a group of people who are also learning English. Maybe you could
find a local group of people, a language learning club, or maybe you can find a group online.
And these people will be in the same position as you. And they will be able to give you
But don't forget, when other people are encouraging you, be sure to return the favour, and encourage
them as well.
Another source of encouragement could be a website or app like Duolingo, which will reward
you for each small step you make in your English learning progress.
The fourth thing that you can do to stay motivated while learning English is:
To tie your interests to your language learning.
If you like soccer or football, try watching a match in English. If you like reading books,
try to read a book that you enjoyed in your own language in English. If you enjoy films.
Try watching a film that is in your own language and then watch it again in English.
All of these things can help you to continue to improve your English.
The fifth thing that you can to motivate yourself while learning English is:
To set good goals. A goal might be to learn a certain amount of vocabulary in a month.
Or you might register to take a language test three months in the future, and then you will
be motivated to study as the test date approaches.
Both of these are good ways to establish external motivations that will help you to continue
studying English when you just don't feel like it.
Bob the Canadian here. Those are five ways that you can stay motivated and succeed while
you are learning English.
I know you can do it. You just need to keep at it. It takes a little bit of time.
Thanks for watching. Don't forget to subscribe. I hope you have a great day.


五個講出流利英文的小技巧!(Learn How to Speak English Fluently with These 5 Tips!)

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