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  • Adidas and Puma are two of the biggest rivals in shoes.


  • - But did you know that their founders were two halves of a once happy family business. - Hi there. - Hello.

    - 不過你知道嗎?他們的創辦人曾經是合作愉快的家族企業,- 嗨,你好。 - 哈囉。

  • That turned into a level of brother rage so intense, it will get the sneaker heads' tongues waggin'?


  • See what I did there?


  • In the 1930's, the Dassler brothers' sport shoe company in Bavaria made the most kick-ass athletic shoes in all the land.

    在 1930 年代,位於巴伐利亞的達斯勒兄弟鞋廠所製作的運動鞋堪稱世界最棒。

  • The company even gave Jesse Owens a pair of shoes to compete in the 36th Olympics.

    達斯勒兄弟鞋廠甚至提供 Jesse Owens 一雙鞋,讓他在第 36 屆的奧林匹克運動會比賽,

  • When Jesse won, the brothers' shoes blew up.

    當 Jesse 獲勝時,達斯勒兄弟鞋廠跟著一炮而紅。

  • But all of that success was not good for their relationship.


  • Tensions flared.

    緊張局勢爆發 。

  • Some say there was stealing, affairs, resentment,


  • and after World War II the brothers were so out of step they eventually ended the company.


  • In 1949, Adolf, or Adi Dassler, formed Adidas a play on his nickname.

    在 1949 年,阿道夫,或我們稱為愛迪達斯勒,用他的綽號創立了愛迪達。

  • Rudolf Dassler started Puma because, well, that name is awesome.


  • The brothers sued each other many, many times over the years over all sorts of design and trademark issues, costing each other a fortune in lawyers and suits.


  • Their two factories built in the same Bavarian village of Herzogenaurach, polarized the community with local people picking sides by picking shoes.


  • The brothers died two years apart.


  • They were buried at opposite ends of the village graveyard.


  • Proof that even in death there remained a great bitter divide between them.


  • And so it was for decades until 2009.

    數十年過去,直到 2009 年,

  • Employees of Adidas and Puma in the village where the two companies still have their headquarters came together and played a friendly soccer match.


  • And started the process of healing decades of enmity.


  • And began a new era of love and shoes.


Adidas and Puma are two of the biggest rivals in shoes.


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阿迪達斯 VS 彪馬背後的兄弟之爭 (The Sibling Rivalry Behind Adidas Versus Puma)

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