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  • Eighteen years had come and gone

  • For Momma they flew by

  • But for me they drug on and on

  • We were loadin' up that Chevy

  • Both tryin' not to cry

  • Momma kept on talkin', puttin' off goodbye

  • Then she took my hand and said

  • Baby don't forget

  • Before you hit the highway

  • You better stop for gas

  • And there's a fifty in the ashtray

  • In case you run short on cash

  • Here's a map and here's a Bible

  • If you ever lose your way

  • Just one more thing before you leave

  • Don't forget to remember me

  • This downtown apartment

  • Sure makes me miss home

  • And those bills there on the counter

  • Keep tellin' me I'm on my own

  • And just like every Sunday

  • I called Mama up last night

  • And even when it's not

  • I tell her everything's all right

  • Before we hung up I said

  • Hey Mama don't forget

  • To tell my baby sister

  • I'll see her in the fall

  • And tell Mee-Mal that I miss her

  • Yeah I should give her a call

  • And make sure you tell daddy

  • That I'm still his little girl

  • Yeah I still feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be

  • But don't forget to remember me

  • Tonight I find myself kneelin' by the bed to pray

  • I haven't done this in a while

  • So I don't know what to say

  • But Lord I feel so small sometimes

  • In this big old place

  • Yeah I know there's more important things

  • But don't forget to remember me

  • Don't forget to remember me

Eighteen years had come and gone


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A2 初級 美國腔

卡莉安德伍德 - 不要忘了記住我。 (Carrie Underwood - Don't Forget To Remember Me)

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