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  • Hi, I’m Francis,

  • the host of this show "Cooking with Dog."

  • First, let’s prepare the sardine fillet.

  • With a paper towel, remove the excess moisture thoroughly.

  • Remove the tail fin.

  • Check out the skin-side and youll see this back fin.

  • To remove this, cut out the middle of the fillet lengthwise.

  • Then, cut the fillet into 4 pieces.

  • Next, mince the umeboshi, pickled plum with a knife

  • until it turns into a paste.

  • Cover the sardines with the umeboshi paste evenly.

  • Then, coat them with the mayonnaise.

  • Now, place each fillet onto a shiso leaf in a tray.

  • Wrap the fillet with the shiso

  • and place them with the seam-side down.

  • Sprinkle any type of wheat flour

  • on both sides of the shiso wrapped sardines.

  • And now, let’s make the batter.

  • Put 2 tablespoons of ice water into a bowl.

  • Combine the flour and potato or corn starch

  • and add it to the ice water.

  • Leave some pockets of flour in the batter

  • and avoid overmixing.

  • This will help the batter to have a crispy texture.

  • Drop a small bit of batter into the oil

  • to check if the temperature has reached about 170 °C or 340 °F.

  • Now, coat each sardine with the batter

  • and place it into the oil.

  • When the outside begins to get crispy, flip the pieces over.

  • Deep-fry them until they are lightly colored.

  • Remove the Shiso Wrapped Sardines

  • and place them onto a cooling rack.

  • Arrange the pieces in a basket.

  • Finally, granish with the momiji leaves and the lemon wedge.

  • Using ice water and a small amount of potato starch for the batter

  • will help make the outside crispy.

  • Those who don't like the taste of umeboshi may still enjoy this dish.

  • If sardines are not available,

  • try beef, pork, chicken or other types of fish for this recipe.

  • Good luck in the kitchen.

Hi, I’m Francis,


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炒紫蘇包沙丁魚 (Fried Shiso Wrapped Sardines)

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