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  • Would you eat a hamburger or a chicken nugget made of meat grown in a laboratory?


  • Joshua Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of JUST is betting that you will.

    JUST 的共同創辦人兼執行長 Joshua Tetrick 賭你願意吃。

  • In tomorrow's world, you can eat more meat, hopefully safer meat, even better tasting meat, without eating the animal.


  • JUST, which is based in San Francisco, has been producing and selling non-animal versions of food like mayonnaise since 2013 and it's raised more than 310 million dollars in venture capital.

    JUST 的總部位在舊金山,該公司自 2013 年起開始生產、銷售無動物成分的食物,而且至今已籌得超過 3 億 1000 萬的創業投資額。

  • Tetrick and his team have created products like JUST Mayo by identifying plant-based alternatives to common animal products like eggs.

    Tetrick 和他的團隊使用植物基底的替換物來代替如雞蛋等一般動物產品,已經製造出了像是 JUST 美乃滋的產品。

  • We're one part pharma, one part bio-tech and a whole bunch of regular food company.


  • We built a discovery system that has the only patent in the world that utilizes machine learning for food ingredient discovery.


  • And it helped us find this mung bean that when you put it in a pan scrambles.


  • And that process broken down means that we source from over 51 countries in the world, we look at about 21 different molecular properties, we look at how that bean functions, does it bake a cake, does it gel in a pan.

    過程一步步來說意味著我們從全球 51 個國家採集資源,我們觀察約 21 種不同的分子性能,我們觀察綠豆如何反應,它能不能拿來烤蛋糕,會不會在鍋中膠化。

  • And then we see if it makes ice cream or butter or scrambled eggs.


  • Our process of finding these new tools is high tech, but what we find is not high tech at all.


  • The mung bean has been in the world's food system for 4400 years.

    綠豆在世界食物系統中已經存在了 4400 年。

  • I sure as hell didn't invent the mung bean.


  • JUST is one of a handful of tech companies working to disrupt the meat production industry.

    在眾多試圖終止肉類製造產業的科技公司中,JUST 是其中之一。

  • While many of its competitors are pursuing better plant-based meat substitutes, JUST is pushing ahead with so called clean meat or lab-grown animal tissue that requires no farming, no feeding of livestock and no slaughterhouses.

    當該公司的其他許多競爭者都在追求用植物基底替換肉類,JUST 已經領先一步發展出熟稱的乾淨肉或是實驗室培植動物組織,過程中無需農牧、家畜餵養,也無需屠宰場。

  • Only a single sample from a single animal duplicated endlessly.


  • JUST and companies like it are poised to disrupt the entire livestock industry but these established players are turning to the government to protect their turf.

    JUST 和與其類似的公司正蓄勢待發,試圖瓦解整個家畜產業,但這些既定的公司正轉向政府尋求保護他們在市場競爭中的一席之地。

  • The United States Cattlemen's Association, which declined to participate in this story, submitted a petition still under consideration by the United States Department of Agriculture asking that the words meat and beef exclude any products that are 'neither derived from animals, nor slaughtered in the traditional manner.'


  • The power of the terms is a lot more powerful than people think, especially in food.


  • Imagine Tesla launches a pickup truck, but US Department of Transportation says 'Hold up, Tesla, Elon, you can't call it a pickup truck.'

    設想特斯拉發行了一種小貨車,但是美國運輸部說「等等,特斯拉,Elon (特斯拉聯合創辦人) ,你們不行叫它小貨車。」

  • You have to call it electric mobility transport unit.


  • That's not winning in Alabama, even though it might be fast, even though it might have an amazing amount of horsepower, because a car is identity, but food's identity even more.


  • JUST is also looking to transcend the vegan vs carnivore paradigm.

    JUST 也在試著突破素食主義者和肉食主義者的規範。

  • We don't allow the term vegan to be used in our company.


  • Not because we don't believe in the spirit of it, that word ends up turning off 99% of people.

    並不是因為我們不認同它的內涵,而是這個字讓 99% 的人起不了興趣。

  • The food system needs to start over.


  • Little girls in the second row of a class in Liberia aren't getting proper nutrients, a young boy growing up in Birmingham Alabama is accelerating a path to Type 2 diabetes, animals are being confined in needless ways.


  • It's contributing to climate change, and I think if we can think differently about the food system while also realizing that we can't be so new and so out there that it doesn't relate to the everyday human being, we can do a whole lot of good.


  • And that's what I want to do.


  • This isn't Tetrick's first fight with entrenched food interests.

    Tetrick 不是第一次面臨食物防衛戰了。

  • JUST Mayo has been threatened by the Egg Board, I can't believe this.

    JUST 美乃滋受到來自雞蛋聯盟 (一間美國蛋商) 的威脅,我簡直不敢相信。

  • When the company's first product, JUST Mayo, appeared on the shelves of major retailers the American Egg Board went on the attack.

    當該公司的第一項產品,JUST 美乃滋,在各大零售商上架時,美國雞蛋聯盟 (AEB) 開始反攻。

  • It tried and failed to get Whole Foods to pull the product from it's shelves and hired a network of writers to trash the product on food review sites.

    該公司試圖讓全食超市 (Whole Foods) 將該產品下架,並且僱用寫手在食物評論網抨擊該產品,但都無功而返。

  • Target pulled JUST Mayo off it's shelves after receiving an anonymous letter about food safety but an FDA investigation later found that the product was safe.

    目標百貨 (Target) 在收到一封有關食安的匿名信後,將 JUST 美乃滋下架,但是後來食品藥品監督管理局的一項研究發現,該產品安全無疑。

  • And investigators failed to ever identify the author of the letter.


  • At one point Egg Board members even discussed putting out a hit on Tetrick with one writing that he should have his old buddies from Brooklyn pay him a visit.

    雞蛋聯盟成員甚至一度討論要僱用殺手把 Tetrick 幹掉,有一封信中就寫:他老兄應該從布魯克林來探望他了。

  • The officials claimed to be joking.


  • I think the email where they discussed putting a hit out on me, where the American Egg Board discusses that was probably the most surprising.


  • I mean, hell, at the time we probably had 15-20 people in the company I really didn't know what the hell I was doing.

    我的意思是,老天啊,我們當時公司內大概有 15、20 人,我都不知道自己當時在幹嘛。

  • And all of a sudden the egg industry has an interest in this little mayo product.


  • And when bigger more entrenched folks pay attention, maybe it's validating that you're on to something.


  • Whether or not consumers are ready for lab-grown meat is yet to be seen.


  • And the company landed in hot water with the SEC in 2016 after being accused of buying it's own products off the shelves to boost sales figures to raise more venture capital.

    在 2016 年,該公司和美國證券交易委員會陷入水深火熱,因為他們被控從架上購買自家產品,藉此促進銷售量,好籌得更多的創業投資額。

  • Though the company claims it was a quality control measure and no charges resulted from the investigation.


  • But with JUST products in more than 20,000 stores and plans to release lab-grown clean meat onto the market by the end of the year at a retail price within 30% of that of traditional meat, Tetrick is optimistic about the future of his company and the global food system.

    但隨著 JUST 商品進入超過兩萬間商店,以及預計在年底前將實驗室生產乾淨肉品投放到市場上的計劃, 而且價格才只有傳統肉品的 30%,Tetrick 對於他公司和全球食物系統的未來抱持樂觀。

  • It was an out-of-body experience to sit there and eat a chicken but have the chicken that you're eating running around in front of you.


  • We're working on chicken nuggets, maybe fois gras.


  • I want to focus less on changing the cultural and societal perceptions of a word, I don't know how long that's gonna take, and more on feed as many people as I can every day a little bit better.


Would you eat a hamburger or a chicken nugget made of meat grown in a laboratory?


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