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  • Hi, I'm Francis,

  • the host of this show "Cooking with Dog."

  • First, let’s clean the fresh aji, or horse mackerel.

  • Lightly rinse the fish under running water.

  • As shown, place the aji on the cutting board covered with a sheet of paper.

  • Remove the excess water with a paper towel.

  • Make a deep diagonal cut along the base of the side or pectoral fin.

  • Flip it over

  • and cut off the head diagonally.

  • Make a shallow cut along the belly

  • and remove the innards using the knife.

  • Thoroughly rinse the inside under running water.

  • Place the aji on a plate covered with a paper towel.

  • And now, let’s fillet the aji.

  • Remove the excess moisture from the inside,

  • and outside using a paper towel.

  • Place the aji diagonally on a cutting board to make it easier to fillet .

  • While tilting the blade, make a shallow angled cut along the belly

  • and then a deeper horizontal cut as shown.

  • Rotate the aji 180 degrees

  • and repeat the process. 22 00:02:03,008 --> 00:02:06,123 Insert the knife into the tail end

  • and slide the blade along the backbone toward the head,

  • removing the fillet.

  • Then, detach the fillet from the tail fin.

  • Flip the rest of the aji over.

  • Make a shallow angled cut along the back

  • and then a deeper horizontal cut.

  • Rotate it 180 degrees

  • and repeat as before.

  • Insert the knife into the tail end,

  • hold the tail fin

  • and slide the blade along the backbone,

  • removing the other fillet.

  • Finally, detach it from the tail fin.

  • Remove the rib bones from both fillets.

  • Make a shallow cut along the end of the rib bones

  • and then shave them off.

  • Next, remove the small bones from the center of the fillets.

  • Pinch the small bone with kitchen tweezers

  • and pull it out toward the head.

  • Touch the center of the fillets with your fingers to make sure there aren’t any bones left.

  • Now, let’s remove the skin.

  • First, peel the skin back with your hands, making a place to hold.

  • Place the back of the blade between the fillet and the skin

  • and push it toward the tail, removing the skin.

  • Likewise, peel the skin from the other fillet.

  • Finally, cut the fillets into sashimi pieces.

  • Make two shallow cuts lengthwise in the fillet.

  • Using a long knife such as a sashimi knife,

  • pull the blade across the fillet to cut it into bite-size pieces.

  • Make shallow diagonal cuts in the other fillet,

  • making a diamond pattern.

  • Likewise, cut the fillet into bite-size pieces.

  • Place the sashimi onto a plate

  • garnished with the shredded daikon, shiso leaves and seaweed salad.

  • The fresh aji we used had firm flesh

  • and a moderate amount of fat making it exceptionally delicious.

  • Rinse the head and tail thoroughly

  • and place them next to the sashimi as a dramatic garnish

  • emphasizing the freshness of the dish.

  • Aji sashimi goes great with soy sauce with wasabi and grated ginger.

  • Train your eyes to pick out the freshest aji

  • and make your own sashimi.

  • Good luck in the kitchen!

Hi, I'm Francis,


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味之刺身 (Aji Sashimi)

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