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hey guys what's up Stefanie the English
coach here from EnglishFullTime.com

in this video we are going to talk about
how to improve your listening skills in

English and the reason I'm making this
video is because this is one of the most

frequently asked questions that I get
you guys say Stefanie I don't

understand what's going on I understand
you perfectly

but then when I watch TV shows and
movies in English I have to turn on

subtitles because I feel like I don't
understand anything okay so we're going

to talk about this and how you can
improve your listening skills and what

some of the reasons might be that you're
not understanding other people in

English but you understand me perfectly
fine okay so to begin one of the reasons

why you understand me so well is because
I speak well I have very good speaking

habits because as I was growing up I
competed in speech competitions poetry

competitions I did public speaking I
did acting classes I sang in choirs I

sang in jazz groups okay there are so
many things that I did growing up that

really focused on helping me improve my
voice and have a strong voice and the

voice that I have and also as I've
become an adult I've really focused on

my voice because your voice is something
that everyone has to listen to not just

you okay have you ever made a video and
you're like oh I hate my voice well

think about it if you hate your voice
what do other people think about your

voice because everyone has to listen to
your voice right so I didn't want to

hate my voice I focused on improving my
voice and I really just started

listening to my speech my patterns my
speaking habits the tone of my voice

okay the sound the volume everything and
I started paying attention to it anytime

you start paying attention to something
and you're actively trying to improve it

and thinking why don't I like this what
can I do to improve it you're gonna

start noticing things like if you listen
to my voice and you ask yourself okay

why do I like Stefanie's voice you're
gonna be able to identify specific

things about my voice that you like
maybe it's the fact that I go up and I

when I speak or something like that and

then you're gonna be able to incorporate
that okay you you don't need a teacher

or somebody to show you how to do all of
these things you can just identify what

it is and then start imitating the way
that I speak or the way anybody speaks

whoever speaks in a way that you like
maybe it's a famous actor or someone on

TV you can analyze their voice what do
you like about it what do you not like

about it and then you can start to
imitate them so going back to the good

speaking habits I was telling you guys
about one of the things that I do is I

enunciate and I'm very expressive so I
speak not just with my vocal cords and

my tongue and my mouth but I speak with
my eyes I speak with my facial

expressions I speak in a way that
communicates to you and helps make me

more understandable also the way that I
pause when I speak or the words that I

emphasize when I speak all of that helps
you focus on what I'm saying and be able

to listen to me for a long time
and like I said I enunciate I don't

I have good pronunciation habits again

these are just things that I learned how
to do growing up because of the

experiences that I had I never had a
teacher that really you know taught me

how to do all of this it just was
something that I sort of had to do

because of the activities that I was
involved in and I also taught in

classrooms for several years and I don't
know if you have experienced you know

presenting in front of huge groups of
people but if you're not entertaining or

if you don't speak in a certain way
people will not pay attention to you and

so I have had to learn basically because
of survival that if I want people to pay

attention to my message I have to
deliver it in a way that's gonna hold

their attention right so just life
experience has taught me how to present

in certain ways and this is why I
present the way that I do and not

everybody's gonna like it and that's
totally okay but a lot of you have

commented on my videos saying wow wow
wow we understand you what's going on

okay so that's one of the reasons now
the other reason you might understand me

more than you know TV shows and series
and stuff

that is because maybe you're more
familiar with my accent I grew up in

California so I speak like the way
people speak in California and this

means that if you watch TV shows that
are based in the US a lot of times these

shows have my same accent the people in
there speak the way that I speak so

you're just very familiar with my
dialect of English okay with my way of

speaking now if you watch I don't know
the news in Ireland or in the UK or in

Australia maybe you're not as familiar
with those accents because you have not

consumed as much material from those
regions okay with their specific English

dialect and way of speaking another
reason that you might understand me a

lot more than other people is because
when I make youtube videos or videos in

general I am presenting so it's not that
I'm trying to slow down I'm not slowing

down as you guys can see I'm speaking
rather quickly right now actually right

now I'm speaking more quickly than I
would in a natural conversation in a

natural conversation you guys I take my
time I'm pretty slow I relax but when

I'm presenting all of a sudden I don't
know what happens something inside of me

just wants to go faster and that might
be you know me just wanting to keep

everyone's attention but as I go faster
I'm also taking special care to make

sure I'm pronouncing words well so you
guys can understand me

even though I'm speaking faster and I
notice it because when I present in

front of a large group for an hour or an
hour and a half oh my gosh my voice is

so sore and that's when I realize wow
that I'm really putting a huge effort

into the way that I'm speaking so that I
can be understood in natural

conversation I go slower I don't support
my voice as well so when we say support

we're talking about the volume of the
voice okay I'm really using my diaphragm

and my muscles in my diaphragm to
project my voice and even though I'm the

only person in this room right now I'm
speaking in such a way where if someone

was you know 50 feet away they would
probably still be able to hear me that's

supporting your voice and projecting
that's what I do it when I make these

videos because
I am presenting and it's just this state

of being and it's just the way that I
present it's how I do it so that's

another reason why you probably
understand me so well now when you're

watching TV shows you're not watching
people present you're watching people

act so people are acting but they're
pretending to be in their natural normal

environment they're not projecting
they're not pronouncing words in a way

so that anybody could understand them
they're just talking okay this is also

why I've been making a series on my
youtube channel about fast speech to

help you guys get more familiar with
these ways of speaking with how native

speakers combine words in English so
that you can start understanding us more

so yeah in these TV shows people are
using slang they're using idioms maybe

they are mumbling they're speaking in
ways that you don't necessarily

understand and you will learn to
understand people in these shows I

promise you will but it really takes
time you have to consume hours and hours

and hours and hours of TV shows over a
long period of time okay this does not

happen in six months it could take a
year it could take two years of

consuming material like that on a daily
basis for you to really start

understanding everything that you hear
and then there are always gonna be

things that go over your head okay when
we say go over your head

that means there's always gonna be
things that you don't understand and I'm

sure this happens in your native
language too maybe there's a joke that

goes over your head and so if it happens
in your native language it's also going

to happen in English and the better you
get the more you're going to be able to

understand and the more you expose
yourself to English the more you're

gonna be able to understand so now I'm
going to share some stories with you to

put all of this into perspective I
studied Spanish in Argentina for six

months then I ended up living in
Argentina for several years right but in

high school and college I studied
Spanish and it was my dream to study

Spanish abroad so I went to Argentina
for six months and then I went back to

the USA and when I went back I was like
oh my gosh this is so exciting

studied Spanish in Argentina my Spanish
is probably so good you know because I

had that experience of being immersed in
the culture and and in the language for

six months so I go back to the USA and I
went to this outdoor market with a

friend and my friend was Mexican and
there were lots of different booths with

people selling different items okay and
I come to this booth and I noticed there

was a Hispanic man selling items and I
was like oh perfect this is the perfect

opportunity for me to show off you know
my great Spanish and how good I've

gotten etc so I asked about a product in
Spanish - this Hispanic man and I said

hi wow look at this product it's
beautiful whatever you know how much

does it cost and you know what he said
he was like and I was like okay thanks

bye I did not understand anything that
he said and I was just like oh my gosh

like this is ridiculous I studied
Spanish in Argentina for six months why

don't I understand and then that's when
I really learned hey just because you

studied in a country does not mean
you're gonna now understand every single

native speaker okay it does not work
like that because there are different

types of English you guys there are
different types of Spanish and then each

individual person has a specific way of
speaking you know younger people use

more slang older people use words that
you know younger people never use so

there's so many different types of ways
of speaking and this is why it can get

so frustrating for you guys as learners
so my tip here is for you to be patient

with yourself and for you to be patient
with your learning experience because

again just because you study a language
for years or just because you're super

familiar with the American accent or
just because you studied English in the

USA does not mean that now you're gonna
understand every single native speaker

all the time right there are some
specific comedians in Spanish that I

really like and I watch their shows and
every single time I watch their shows

I'm like oh my gosh I've seen this show
five times but this is the first time I

understand that joke or the first time I
get that joke or the first time I hear

that word you can listen to the same
thing multiple

times and pick up something new every
single time because you're getting more

and more and more familiar with the
language as you go now the next thing I

want to tell you guys about is how my
sister-in-law Ren's younger sister okay

my husband's younger sister how she
really improved her English when we

first met she understood some English
but she really didn't speak it and then

she just watched so much TV in English
and she listened to so much music in

English that now we can talk in English
and have an entire conversation and she

understands everything it's phenomenal
and I'm just like wow you've had such an

incredible transformation and I know
exactly how she did it because I would

see her almost every single day and
every single day she'd be watching TV in

English listening to music in English
and then she would look up the lyrics

read the lyrics learn the lyrics and
sing the songs she was extremely

involved over a four-year plus period
with English to the point where now she

speaks it and she doesn't feel nervous
when she speaks is she doesn't lack

confidence or anything her pronunciation
is not perfect sometimes she messes up

her grammar is not perfect sometimes she
messes up but still that is how she was

able to really learn English and improve
her listening skills again constant

exposure day after day year after year
now with that I want to end by sharing

another story okay this is the story
about a guy I did a private coaching

call with back when I did private calls I do not offer private sessions
anymore but basically during this call
he was like Stefanie I'm so frustrated

with my listening skills what you know
what do I have to do to improve and I

was giving him all this advice like the
best possible advice I could give

and then he would repeat himself and
he'd say Stefanie I'm really struggling

with my listening skills you know what
do I have to do to improve and so I'd

give him more advice and I'd tell him
more stories and I'd explain in detail

exactly what he had to do and then he'd
say Stefanie I'm really struggling with

my listening skills I really just want
to know what I have to do and at that

point I was like oh my gosh yeah you
really do struggle with your listening

skills because I've explained this to
you a million different ways and I give

you the answer I have the answer and
I've given it to you and you're still

asking the same question I like my mind
was blown I was like is this what what

is wrong with this guy right now
because he was understanding what I was

saying you know he really wasn't having
trouble understanding me but he just

kept asking the same question because he
did not like my answer that's literally

he did not like my answer he did not

like what I was telling him he was
looking for a magic solution and there

is no freaking magic solution I am so
sorry to say it but it needs to be said

there's no magic solution people are
always looking for a quick fix to do

this or to do that think about the
things you have mastered how long has

that taken you okay if you're a doctor
or whatever your profession is or

whatever you're good at if you're really
good at chess or soccer I don't care

what it is
what are you really good at right think

about how long it has taken you to
master that skill and to get to that

really high level now English is no
different listening skills speaking

skills are no different if you really
want to master something you have to go

to a really deep level with that subject
day after day year after year that is

literally what it takes and again there
is no magic solution and when I talked

to this guy I asked him you know after
he kept asking me the same questions

over and over again I was like okay wait
stop let me identify what you have

actually tried because when somebody is
struggling with something you really

have to figure out why they're
struggling with it like what went on

what what have they tried what has
worked what hasn't worked so I asked him

and I said okay how long have you been
studying English for and I think his

answer was like three years or two years
or something like that and he had been

living in the USA for one year and this
was his big struggle he's like I'm

living in the USA and I'm struggling to
understand native speakers so after

asking him all of these questions I
discovered that he had been studying

English for about three years he had
been living in the USA for about one

year but before going to the USA he was
not very involved with English he was

studying using
textbooks and he was not exposing

himself to the language he did not watch
TV shows in English he did not listen to

music in English and then all of a
sudden he came to the USA and he was

struggling with his listening skills and
understanding native speakers and he was

like hey you know now I am listening to
music every day now I am watching TV

shows every day you know but I'm still
struggling with it and once I realized

the timeline that we were dealing with I
was like okay at this point you're doing

everything you possibly can to improve
your listening skills you're controlling

what you can control but there is
something that's out of your control

that you can't control and that's time
that's literally the amount of time it

takes your brain to absorb a language
and to process it and to make it become

a part of you you have to assimilate the
language okay so when he was studying in

English in his country he was not very
involved with the language then he went

to the USA completely immersed studying
24/7 and at that point he had only been

in the USA for one year
so that's just not enough time if he

kept doing that year after a year maybe
in about two years he'd feel really

confident with his English and three
four or five years definitely he would

feel confident with that level of study
and immersion so anyhow I really hope

that this video answers your guys's
questions about why you understand me

and why you don't understand other
people I and hopefully you guys are

satisfied with these answers because
this is the answer if you're here

looking for a magic solution or
something like you have to listen to

English while you sleep for 30 minutes
every day and then I don't know drink

some special brain juice and this and
this and that I don't know there are no

magic solution so if that's what you
were here looking for I'm sorry to

disappoint you but if not hopefully you
find comfort in the fact that as long as

you are exposing yourself to the
language day after day year after year

you're going to get to that level where
you understand okay and not just me but

also where you understand TV shows all
right so that's it thank you so much for

watching I just want to let you guys
know that you should check out the

description because I always include
links there to other thing

that you might be interested in and if
you like these videos and if you want

more videos and more training from me I
want to let you guys know that I run a

private online video platform this is
not free but it is very affordable and

in this platform I put lots of training
every single week to help you guys with

your English there's lots of videos
there already lots of courses and

basically you can access everything ok
it's just one monthly payment and you

can get a lot more support there with
your English so if you like watching my

videos on YouTube and you want more feel
free to join us in the private platform

because there's also a forum section
integrated so you can get to meet the

other students a lot of times I give
little assignments after each video so

you can participate as well and it's
just a completely different learning

than on YouTube but it's also very

similar to YouTube so again if you like
what you're doing here and you want to

keep improving your grammar your
pronunciation your writing your fluency

your speaking your confidence everything
I want to invite you to join us over

there on the private platform alright
that's it you guys I hope you enjoyed

this video I hope you learned something
please let me know what you learned in

the comments and if you are one of my
more advanced subscribers okay and if

you understand TV shows and if you
understand music in English and native

speakers who speak with different
dialects please tell everybody in the

comments how you achieved that because I
swear everybody's looking for the magic

solution I'm convinced that there is no
magic solution there's just different

ways to improve your listening skills
you have to do what you enjoy right but

please share what worked for you in the
comments because people are going to be

able to learn from you to learn from
your suggestions and I would just really

appreciate that so thank you thank you
thank you for subscribing thanks for

watching my videos you guys I hope
you're learning a lot and that's all I

will see you at another video bye


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