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  • Ok at BROWNS, our IELTS Preparation courses are for students who want to go into further study

  • and that could be for TAFE or it could be at a university in Australia to do a bachelor degree or a masters.

  • Our courses are also for people who want to prepare for permanent residency or to get a work visa.

  • So here at BROWNS we have two levels of IELTS Preparation classes. Our first is IELTS Preparation,

  • and that's for students who enter at about a 5 and exit at a 5.5,

  • and then we have our IELTS Preparation Plus class, and that's for students who enter at a 5.5 and who exit at a 6.

  • So in the morning class, that's our CORE class, in that we have special IELTS textbooks

  • which really target the skills to helping your academic ability that you need to improve for the IELTS test.

  • And then in our afternoon classes, we really look at your IELTS exam skills,

  • so what strategies and skills do you need for the reading, writing, speaking and listening in IELTS.

  • Our classes are 10 weeks long, and this means that if you need it to, you could do 20 weeks of IELTS Preparation here at BROWNS.

  • We do mock testing, so we do a full mock test in Week 1, Week 5 and Week 9, and we also focus on one specific mock test in the IELTS test each Monday.

  • So that means by the time you've finished the 10 weeks, you've done 5 full mock tests, all under those pressured situations just like in the IELTS test.

  • Each student gets a workbook, and that means that they can do extra work in extension by themselves at home

  • and every student does two hours of homework at night, which means that we really push you to get your best result in the IELTS test.

  • We have academic counseling so you can go and see an academic counselor and get one-on-one counseling and advice to help you get your best result.

  • And our teachers are all IELTS experts and some of us are IELTS examiners,

  • so we really know what you need, what skills and strategies you need, to get the result that you want.

  • Many of our past students have had excellent results in the IELTS test and are now studying at universities in Australia.

  • So in our IELTS Preparation courses at BROWNS, we give you the confidence that you need because you had the right preparation.

Ok at BROWNS, our IELTS Preparation courses are for students who want to go into further study


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雅思備考課程 - BROWNS ELS (IELTS Preparation Course - BROWNS ELS)

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