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  • DePaul University is one of the most interesting,

  • diverse places I’ve certainly ever worked.

  • It is 25,000 students, but there are students from every part of the world

  • represented just among those who live in Chicago alone,

  • but also we have about 1,100 students from all over the world

  • who come just to study at this university.

  • Chicago is definitely one of the reasons why I chose DePaul.

  • As an international student, I wanted a city that I could be independent in,

  • and not rely on a car to get around.

  • I lived in different cities where public transportation was not as great as it is here

  • and it’s just really great, you feel like you can get anywhere in the city quickly.

  • One of the advantages of studying in Chicago

  • is that the world is already represented here.

  • This is one of the great cities of the United States and it is a world-class city

  • and so students who travel to Chicago to study

  • find out that there are people from their home countries

  • already living here in Chicago. There are communities throughout.

  • DePaul in general is characterized by a very individual approach to students.

  • There’s much greater one-to-one contact,

  • attention paid by faculty and staff to individual student success.

  • I definitely feel challenged here at DePaul academically and

  • it’s just a great setting. You really get connected to your professors

  • and it’s not just you reading a book

  • and listening to what the professor says in class, it’s not just repetition.

  • You have contribute in your course and being a part of the conversation.

  • I was with a student a few weeks ago who told me

  • how much she liked studying at a small university

  • and I smiled and laughed to myself

  • because this is one of the largest universities in the nation.

  • But the reason that she felt that

  • was that we don’t build large classrooms at DePaul.

  • We have almost 250 different majors and different academic programs

  • that you can study at this university

  • and theyre taught by top scholars and top practitioners

  • and the students benefit from both.

  • We put students on buses and take them around the city

  • to see what theyre studying as well

  • and you can’t do that if you have 100 in a class

  • but, you can do it if you have 10, 15, 20.

  • The subject matter comes alive for students

  • because they have more quality time, I would say,

  • with the instructor and each other

  • and where those people come from makes a big difference.

  • It’s a great school, and by the name, they will get a lot of jobs in Chicago

  • but it actually makes you want to compete

  • around the whole nation and around the world.

  • It’s very business oriented, all around it you can find businesses,

  • you can find firms, they all want to hire you because

  • they know that you lived there, you studied there.

  • I think the standout at DePaul is that

  • there is such a great diversity of people here, both students and staff

  • and very open minds, so I think were all trying to accept and embrace

  • each other’s cultures and learn about each other’s cultures and each other

  • and I think that makes us great global citizens.

  • My professors really helped me to settle into the city

  • coming in as an international student and I made a lot of friends my first year

  • so it’s been great!

  • So we feel that students are able to come to campus, get involved,

  • not only in their classroom with their faculty, with their staff

  • but with their peers. Make lifelong friendships and connections

  • and I really don’t think there’s any place better to do that than DePaul University.

  • Recently, I just got my job on campus.

  • I’m working as a student worker in the International Admission Office.

  • So far it’s been great. The experience has been great

  • and also I’ve tried out for the cheerleading team in DePaul and I made the team

  • so, I’m really excited about it.

  • Through my travels and all my studies and all of the people that I have met,

  • I’ve really found who I am and that’s really going to help me in the future,

  • so I really owe that to DePaul.

  • I am very happy about having chosen DePaul.

  • I love this city, I love the way my classes are going here.

  • It’s a great place to be. The city has so much to offer

  • and, yeah, I just love it here.

  • We look forward to receiving your application!

DePaul University is one of the most interesting,


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