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  • I always like to come down here, and I

  • like to talk about how much we have in common more than we're

  • different, and it doesn't matter what

  • your politics are, it doesn't matter your race, or religion.

  • Here at the Ellen Show, we all come together as one,

  • except for the people in the riffraff room.

  • They're separate.

  • Aww.

  • They're happy, they just didn't get tickets in time.

  • They're happy.

  • But there are still things that divide us,

  • and today I want to talk about the biggest

  • controversies since this dress.

  • You remember this?

  • All right, now, I personally see a gold and white dress.

  • How many people see it gold and white?

  • All right, how many people see a blue and white dress?

  • Screaming doesn't make more of you.

  • Just an arm up helps.

  • All right, how many of you have heard

  • of this Laurel and Yanny thing?

  • OK.

  • All right.

  • Not the comedy duo, they stopped touring years ago.

  • The old Yanny and Laurel.

  • All right, I'm talking about the viral sound that

  • is tearing the nation apart.

  • Listen carefully to this, and then you're

  • going to tell me if you hear Laurel or Yanny.


  • OK, how many people hear Laurel?

  • How many people here Yanny?

  • Again, yelling does not make more of you.

  • You still are not as many people as the correct people,

  • which are Laurel.

  • It is Laurel.

  • It's Laurel.

  • Now, Laurel.

  • It's so easy, it's Laurel.

  • So more of you hear Laurel.

  • The people who hear Yanny, I'm going to have

  • to ask you to leave because--

  • it's crazy though, isn't it?

  • I mean, we can hear the exact same thing,

  • and then hear something completely different.

  • How many of you have husbands, and you

  • tell him to take the trash out, and put the dishes away,

  • and they here have a beer and take a nap?

  • Same thing, and yet they hear--

  • so this morning-- this morning I heard something

  • that blew my mind even more.

  • OK, I'm going to play a clip.

  • Listen carefully to this.


  • All right, now I'm going to play a different clip.

  • The juice of lemons makes fine punch.

  • Now I'm going to play the first clip you heard.


  • PUNCH]

  • It's like a horror movie, isn't it?

  • Clearly, you could hear the juice--

  • the juice of lemons, right, makes fine punch.

  • At first, you just hear static, but then the brain

  • knows what to listen for, and then you hear it.

  • Apparently, it comes down to pitch,

  • and the power of suggestion.

  • And I think that's a good lesson to remember because there are

  • times that we're going to disagree,

  • and it doesn't matter who's right, and who's wrong,

  • and what makes you better is really

  • listening to somebody else as long as they hear Laurel.

  • I'm going to randomly point to someone right now,

  • and see if they agree with me.

  • Sir in the black t-shirt right there.

  • What do you hear?

  • I hear Laurel.

  • Laurel.

  • You're correct, and that means you're our dancer of the day.


  • See, I bet someone who heard Yanny couldn't dance like that.

I always like to come down here, and I


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勞雷爾還是燕妮? (Laurel or Yanny?)

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