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  • What's up and welcome guys my name's Luke Martin with and today

    大家好, 我是 的 Luke Martin,今天

  • we are at Wenhua Yeh Shi which is Wenhua night market here in Chiayi City.


  • Admittedly this isn't the best night market for food it's more of a shopping and hangout place right downtown Chiayi City.


  • But I'm going to show you the best spot to eat some of the best foods here at the Wenhua night market.


  • So I'm getting hungry. Let's go see what they got up there.


  • Okay, so the first thing you are going to notice when you're here at the Wenhua market is the stall selling a type of shawarma.


  • But as they call it a sha wei ma and this is the Taiwanese version of very popular shawarma obviously.


  • So we've got the bun, and then some nice like Rotisserie style chicken and a whole piece of


  • Tomato and then a couple different sauces, one of which


  • I think is mayonnaise and then the other is like, sort of like a ketchup, and I'm not going to lie


  • I've actually purchased six of these at one time and we often


  • Frequent this stall. So let's try this.


  • Okay, that is the taste that I love and that is why we always come back. And actually


  • sha wei ma is really popular all over Taiwan, and we've eaten it in a couple different places.


  • And this is certainly my favorite stall to have it.


  • So it's like a little sweet from the Mayonnaise.


  • And it's got like a little bit of a tangy flavor from that other sauce.


  • But really, it's the chicken and the tomatoes that make that so good and also she sprinkles it with some black pepper. I believe as well.


  • As I mention this market isn't the best for food, but this place certainly makes up for that.


  • And this is a stall selling niu ro men, which is beef noodle soup, and we've got a big bowl of it here.


  • So let's check it out.


  • So of course we have some big nice bouncy looking noodles.


  • And then the, like kind of a clear, but brown really beefy aroma broth,


  • and then we've got big chunks of


  • beef of course these are huge chunks of beef and that's one of the reasons that this spot is so good


  • So some greens, some green onions and then an interesting ingredient

  • You don't always find that is the big chunk of sliced radish

  • So that looks really good and let's try this out. I'm going to start with the broth first

  • That's actually surprisingly flavorful

  • It's extremely beefy flavor

  • And it's actually quite like clean it's a smooth broth. I can taste sort of like maybe some cinnamon or like star anise

  • yeah, that's pretty good. Let's try these noodles

  • Oh yeah these looks like nice bouncy noodles

  • Oh yeah

  • Nice and firm definitely not overcooked

  • And those do a good job at like containing all the beefy flavor of that broth

  • Okay, let's try this beef out. Huge chunk here. I'm just going to put the whole thing in

  • Okay

  • Whoa that is ridiculously tender!

  • Hmm completely saturated with all the broth Flavor

  • Wow, that's what makes this pot so good

  • So correct me if I'm wrong, but this is an ingredient that I don't commonly see in beef noodles, and I think it's radish

  • But like I said correct me if I'm wrong I'm going to try to

  • whoa

  • Ridiculously soft and again it just completely soaked up all the flavor of the broth. This is an awesome bowl of beef noodles

  • This is such a comfort food and really this has got to be one of the maybe top five

  • Classic taiwanese food. Beef noodle soup and this place does it right.

  • come on

  • I don't my 50 hours

  • I'm getting acquainted

  • Hey

  • at our next stop today, and this is pretty much my

  • Favorite place in all of Wen Hua market, and this spot serves a very famous

  • Taiwanese dish as well called Er Ah Ziang which is a oyster omelet,

  • Which is up there with beef noodle soups for the top classic

  • Taiwanese dishes and the interesting thing about this restaurant is by day it is a shoe store

  • And you have to come I think it's around 9:00 p.m.. And they start to close the shoe store

  • It turns into a fish restaurant

  • And that's like this legendary it is an institution. Prices are a little bit high but the quality and taste reflects that

  • Besides the Oyster omelet this place is also famous for lots of other dishes and one of those is it's fried milk fish

  • So it is shallow fried in quite a bit of oil and we just got ours and it looked awesome

  • So it is also served with a lime. I'll squeeze a little bit of that on. Oh yeah, definitely

  • Need some lime juice on there. Just soaked that let's break off a nice piece from the middle

  • Oh yeah. Oh look at that. It looks so crispy already, okay. I'm going to try this piece

  • oh now

  • You can taste that. That is so fresh. Oooh, that is so good

  • Super Crispy on the outside like Golden Brown crispy, and now lime juice. Just brings it up a notch big-time

  • That's good

  • So our oyster omelet has arrived and every spot does it a little bit differently and this one looks really

  • Fluffy like they use quite a bit of egg

  • so the way

  • They make it is using a potato starch

  • They fry up some oysters first and then use the potato starch as a batter mixed with some eggs

  • And then just some greens, green onions

  • And then it is just completely soaked in this tangy orange sauce so let's try this one out

  • I'm going to break up a piece. It's usually quite gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside

  • Oh yeah, I can feel that super gooey from that potato starch

  • Oh yeah, look at that

  • Okay, I don't think I have an oyster, but we'll try these out anyway

  • ooooh, oh yeah

  • that sauce is actually a little bit sweet but also quite tangy but

  • Other than that it just taste like an incredibly well-done omelet, but let's try to get to the center and get some of those oysters

  • So I think yes there's some oysters right in there. Oh yeah, I think I've got two oysters here. Oh, it's really gooey

  • Other than that it just taste like an incredibly well-done omelet, but let's try to get to the center and get some of those oysters

  • So I think yes, there is some oysters right in here. Oh yeah, I think I got like two oysters there. Oh it's really gooey.

  • Let's try that

  • Very very subtle see-foody flavor and not much at all really

  • And it's so gooey it kind of just like slits down your throat

  • And it's all coated in that tangy sweet sauce this is a good spot, and they are famous for this dish for a good reason

  • Unfortunately, a lot of the stalls and restaurants are actually closed because we waited so long for

  • This fish restaurant to open up, and you can see behind me it is still quite busy.

  • But we are going to keep looking and see what else we can find. I am not sure if there is too much open now.

  • So unfortunately tonight was a little bit of a bust.

  • We didn't get to go to all the spots that we wanted to.

  • Because we stayed really late for the fish and oyster omelette restaurant

  • but I'm not disappointed with that. It was awesome

  • Definitely something that you should try if you come to Wenhua market is the dou huao.

  • Apparently the dou huao is very good. I've actually never tried it

  • We were really hoping to tonight, but it was closed because it's so late

  • But we decided to finish off the night with some fresh seasonable fruit and vegetable juice.

  • There is tons of things in here. Carrots, avocado

  • pineapple, banana

  • Lots of things let's just try it

  • ooooh

  • That's so good so refreshing

  • That's super creamy, too

  • and there's some chunks of ice I can definitely taste quite a bit of watermelon and a

  • little bit of carrot too actually

  • I hope you enjoyed the video like I said it's more of a shopping and kind of hang out and

  • sort of sample some of the normal Taiwanese night market smacks.

  • But I hope you enjoy it. If you did, please give me a thumb's up and subscribe.

  • Because there is tons more coming stay tuned for some big announcements, and I will see you next time. Thanks guys.

What's up and welcome guys my name's Luke Martin with and today

大家好, 我是 的 Luke Martin,今天


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