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So we just arrived at the airport (Taiwan
Taoyuan International Airport - 臺灣桃園國際機場)

here in Taipei (臺北市) and apparently
our flight has been delayed and nobody told

So we have some time to kill and we're going
to go grab some food because that seems like

the sensible thing to do.
Last meal in Taipei (臺北市) consists of
bubble tea (波霸奶茶) and a bowl of noodles.

So time for a little update from the food
court here in the airport.

Where else would we be?
It is hard to believe ten days in Taiwan (中華民國)
just went by like that.

Over it.
So we're now on our way to Hong Kong (香港)
and really excited about that.

That is a destination we've been to before
both together.

It was about three years ago.
That we visited together.
So really excited to go back.
We're not going to be staying on Hong Kong
Island (香港) just like last time we're

going to be staying in Kowloon (九龍) and
we're going to be there for about the same

amount of time.
About ten days.
Ten days.
So yeah, there is going to be a lot dim sum
(点心) there is going to be a lot of running

around the town.
We'd like to explore a bit more of the nature
just outside of the city as well too.

Yeah, we didn't do to many day trips last
time we were there.

Yeah, we'll do more day trips.
A little bit of hiking and yeah we're going
to hopefully make a city guide too along with

maybe some night market stuff, some food videos.
So we've got a lot of good stuff coming up.
We've had food.
What is our next mission?
So now we're going to cash in our EasyCards
and you know what?

I don't want to give these up.
Like these have been so awesome.
We've been able to use these for almost everything.
Transportation, to get into museums, and you
can even rent bikes with them.

But we are leaving so.
They're not going to work anywhere else.
They're not going to work anymore.
We're going to get our deposit back hopefully.
And we'll have a little bit of money on them
as well.

This is where you return your cards.
Going to make lots of money right?
Oh yeah, we're going to be so rich after this.
Actually you know what?
We might be able to buy some French Fries
or rice.

You know what?
My card was at minus three so you might lose

We're going to get a penalty for this.
So no refund for us today.
Apparently they have to charge you like 28
Taiwanese Dollars to do the transaction and

we've got minus three and two which is basically.
So we would have lost money.
We're going to keep these for next time.
Oh and apparently they're good for twenty

Twenty years.
So yeah, worth keeping.
We're settled for Taiwan (中華民國) for
a long time.

Now let's go change money.
It is scary to think of how old we'll be twenty
years from now.

Let's not even do the math.
Do you have one more?
I have nothing.
I will charge you one hundred five dollars.
One hundred?
This is not good for you.
Another failed attempt.
So the money we have wasn't even worth exchanging.
The guy basically said might as well spend
it on souvenirs because the fee we would have

had to pay would have basically eaten up one
third of what we had left.

But you know what?
I want to start a coin and foreign bill collection.
Well, we'll keep a small amount.
I'm not keeping the bigger ones.
We have moved on to souvenir shopping.
Perhaps some pineapple cake.
Dun dun dun.
So we found something to buy with the leftover
money we have.

Metal chopsticks for our future home.
And if you saw the vlog of us going to Din
Tai Fung (鼎泰豐) you'll notice we also

have more chopsticks from there too.
So we're building up our chopstick collection.
None of them are going to match.
None of them are going to match but they're
all metal so far.

They're all good quality.
Gotta like that.
So this is our gate.
C8 Taiwan Cinema Waiting Lounge.
So maybe we'll get to watch movies while we
wait for our flight to take off.

That would be so cool.
It is just like being in a movie theatre sans
the movie.

And look they even have the cup holders.
You can put your popcorn or soda right there.
Yeah, where is the movie?
There is none.
Well the adventure continues.
Now there has been a gate change so we're
running across to the other side of the airport

(Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport - 臺灣桃園國際機場).
Different letter.
So yeah it almost feels like we're never going
to leave Taipei (臺北市) at this point.

It has been a really long day.
Would you like to demonstrate what the warm
towlette is for?

Behind the ears.
Behind the ears.
The armpits.
I'm not going there.
I'm not going there.
Also Sam why are you wearing sunglasses on
the plane?

Because these are prescription sunglasses
and I'm blind as a bat when I don't have them

So that is why.
Sam is going to be getting new glasses in
the next few months and I'm going to pick

them out for him.
Because this has gone on for years.
We'll see about that.
It is going to be
a standoff.
We are here.
We're here.
Welcome to Hong Kong (香港).
Long day.
We're so glad to be here.
And you know what?
The thing that I really want to talk about
is it was so nice having a smooth flight.

It feels like we've been on the most turbulent
flights of late.

And it was nice just being able to relax and
not you know white knuckle gripping on to

the tray in front of us.
Sam, does that.
I do that.
So anyways let's go get our bags.
Let's go find those.
Our bags are delayed and we are still waiting.
So at this rate I think we're just going to
be having dinner at the airport and then making

our way to the hotel.
And passing out.
So we took the fast train in to town.
Now it is time to take the MRT.
The metro to our apartment.
We're going to drop off our stuff and maybe
grab some dim sum (點心) or maybe just go

to sleep.
We're quite tired.


台北到香港旅遊記 (Taipei, Taiwan to Hong Kong travel vlog)

988 分類 收藏
Charlie Brown 發佈於 2018 年 5 月 19 日
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