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  • Hey, Naturals. What's going on?


  • It's your favorite American English teacher, Gabby, here to help you today with eight ways that you and anyone can sound more like a North American English speaker.

    今天你最愛的美語老師 Gabby 在這裡,教你八種方法讓你說話可以更像美式英文

  • Now I know this is just the lesson that you've been waiting for.


  • I'm going to tell you eight tricks and secrets that you probably didn't learn in your normal traditional English classroom


  • We're going to really focus on how to make your pronunciation and your accent more American like


  • Now, I'm not saying that everyone should speak like an American.


  • But hey, if you want to know how to do that, I'm going to explain exactly how.


  • So instead of just trying to imitate or copy you're going to learn the specific points so that you can focus on what it means to speak like an American.

    我將會解釋怎麼做,而不只是模仿或複製你將要學習特定的重點 因此你可以著重於像美國人一樣說話

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  • Now let's begin with the 8 ways that you can sound more like an American English speaker.


  • Number one, let's talk about syllables every word that has at least


  • two syllables or more has a stressed syllable and a weak syllable, so let's just take the word


  • American We have 3 syllables, right?

    American 有三個音節對嗎?

  • American that's four syllables

    American 有四個音節

  • So when we have more than two syllables one is going to be stressed when which syllable is stressed in


  • American Can you hear it?

    American 你聽出來了嗎?

  • American


  • so it's the second syllable right so in order to speak more like an American


  • make sure that you


  • really stretch that stressed syllable out make it longer make it louder make it higher say


  • American with me now

    現在和我一起說 American

  • American and to balance this out the syllables that are not stressed are


  • probably going to sound like a


  • Schwa sound which is up that sound you make of someone punch of you in your gut you go Oh

    聽起來像 up,就像有人揍了你肚子一拳,然後你發出「喔!」的聲音

  • American


  • Can you hear that? Uh American. Very

    你聽出來了嗎? Uh American

  • Good so American English


  • Really stresses the stressed syllable and makes the other syllables very weak number two learn


  • Connected speech. Oh, it's so easy to say but yet there are so many different rules in connected speech, so let me quickly


  • share several the most important with you in American English


  • Especially whenever you find a t between two vowel sounds it's going to be a d. We don't drink water

    特別是當你看到 t 在兩個母音之間時,發音會變成 d,我們發音不說 "We don't drink wa't'er."

  • We drink water

    而會說 "We don't drink wa'd'er."

  • We don't put butter on our toast we put butter on our toast okay?

    我們發音不說 "We don't put bu't'er on our toast."而會說 "We put bu'd'er on our toast."

  • so t between two vowels equals a d

    所以 t 放在兩個母音之間的發音會相似於 d

  • a T between an N, and a vowel gets removed

    t 在 n 和母音之間會不發音

  • International not

    發音會是 'inernational' 而不是 'international'

  • International International


  • dentist not dentist, but dentist

    發音會是 'denist' 而不是 'dentist'

  • when you have an N then a T then a vowel sometimes it becomes a glottal stop like Mountain or

    當有 nt 後面在接一個母音時,有時會變成聲門塞音,像是 Mou'nt'ain

  • Or a vowel then a double t

    或是母音後面有兩個 t

  • And a vowel like button or cotton when you have a t or a d between two

    像是 bu'tt'on 或是 co'tt'on,當你看到有 t 或 d 在兩個子音之間

  • Consonants it often gets removed old man, not old man old man

    通常 t 或 d 不發音,發音像是 ol man,而不是 old man

  • most famous not most

    mos famous,而不是 most famous

  • Famous, but most famous we blend and link sounds together when one word ends with a consonant


  • and the next begins with a vowel or when the next word begins with the same consonant as the word before it ands


  • With that was a big jumbled mess


  • We blend and link sounds together from one word to the next for example social life becomes social life

    我們利用混音和連音連接前後兩個字,舉 social life 為例,發音變成 socialife

  • We also make two words seem as though They were one when we blend sounds together like this

    我們也會將兩個字視為一個字發音,像這個 this afternoon

  • afternoon this afternoon

    發音變成 thisafternoon

  • Now I know I'm going really fast because I've made


  • Specific lessons about most of these points in other video lessons on the go natural English channel


  • So make sure to check those out if you'd like a more detailed


  • explanation of each point


  • You can click up here for one of my best lessons on linking and connected speech


  • Assimilation is huge in American English did you becomes didja and don't you becomes dontcha?

    同化音在美式英文是很重要的,did you 發音變成 didja,然後 don't you 發音變成 dontcha

  • intrusion where we insert a new sound for example between he and

    加音是我們加入新的音到發音裡,例如在 he 和 asked 之間

  • Asked we insert the /j/ sound he asked or do and if we insert a /w/ sound do it

    我們加 /j/ 這個音進去,發音變成 hejasked 或是在 do 和 if 之間加入 /w/ 的音進去變成 dowit

  • he asked to do it and in some parts of the united states you have an R intrusion between vowels -

    整句發音變成hejasked to dowit,美國有些地方會加 r 音在母音之間

  • like for example between Media and attention media attention

    像是加 r 在 media 和 attention 之間,發音變成 mediarattention

  • Finally let me tell you about


  • Elision where we omit a sound for example the t in the word kept when it comes before going

    消音,用於省略一個音,像是 kept 裡的 t 出現在 going 的前面時,會省略不發音

  • kept going

    發音變成 kep going

  • Number three in American English the R is so important and so frustrating for many

    第三個重點是 R,R 對英語學習者來說非常重要

  • English learners because it can be quite different than in your native language be aware of r-colored

    因為可能與你的母語完全不同,必須注意到日化母音 /ɚ/

  • vowels for example in the word

    舉例來說 word

  • word


  • Or why is it not ward it's er word or for example

    為什麼不是 ward 而是 word

  • World why is it not

    為什麼是 world 而不是 world

  • World its world. So that is an r-colored vowel where a vowel and before an R and it becomes er

    所以這就是日化母音 /ɚ/,r 之前的母音會變成 er 的發音

  • so a lot of American English


  • vowels will become this sound that sounds like a pirate talking so get out your pirate hooks and go er

    會變成這個發音,聽起來像一個海盜說話,所以拿出你的海盜鉤,並發出 er 的聲音

  • When you make this sound or not because that's kind of weird when we have an r at the end of the word we usually

    當 r 結尾時,強而有力地發音

  • pronounce it strongly


  • I say usually because some people like in new England will cut that R off for example

    我之所以說通常是因為有些人像是英國會將 R 的發音刪除

  • I parked my car

    像這句發音會變成 I paked my ca

  • Well, that's a Boston accent and yes, I have lived in Boston, but I never adopted that accent. I would say I


  • park my

    我會說 I park my

  • car


  • so but watch out for


  • Different ways of using the R if you really want to sound American you need some American phrases like instead of asking

    不同用法的 R,如果你真的想像美國人一樣說話,你需要說一些美國的俗語

  • How are you you can ask. What's up or instead of saying That's nice, or that's good

    像是你可以說 What's up 代替 How are you,或是 That's cool 或 That's awesome 代替

  • You could say that's cool. Or that's awesome in general when you speak English try to speak a little bit louder

    That's nice 和 That's good,通常當你說英文時試著說大聲點

  • verbs use a ton of


  • phrasal verbs we rarely use a


  • normal kind of academic verb in everyday speech in conversation


  • so instead of the verb to exit or to leave say to get out or

    所以與其用 exit 動詞,不如用 get out

  • instead of saying to arrive say to

    與其用 arrive 動詞,不如用 get in

  • Get in or instead of saying to start or to begin you could say get going

    與其用 start 或 begin 動詞,不如用 get going

  • Get going could also mean to leave so phrasal verbs can be kind of confusing but they're really key

    get going 也可以當作離開的意思,所以片語動詞有時候會令人產生困惑

  • to use a lot of them if you want to sound like an American


  • Native English speaker also start creating verbs out of nouns


  • Like Google Google's a noun, but we say let's google it google that question or friend friend is a noun

    像是 Google 是 Google 的名詞,但是我們會說我們來 google (上網搜尋) 一下問題

  • Right well I can friend you on Facebook

    或是 friend 是名詞,我們可以轉換成動詞說我 friend 你的 Facebook (加你好友)

  • So friend is now a verb so just take any noun you want and make it into a verb and you'll sound more American


  • and finally


  • Vocabulary so I did suggest to you some very American phrases like awesome, and what's up?

    就是詞彙,我推薦給你一些很美國式用法的詞彙像是 awesome、what's up?

  • But if you want to know quickly a few words that are different in American English as opposed to British English, we


  • Say fall not autumn. We say faucet not tap

    美式英文說 fall 而不是 autumn (秋天)、faucet 而不是 tap (水龍頭)

  • We say apartment not flat. Elevator, not lift. Diaper not nappy

    apartment 而不是 flat (公寓)、 elevator 而不是 lift (電梯)、diaper 而不是 nappy (尿布)

  • TV not telly and

    TV 而不是 telly (電視)

  • Candy not sweets. Oh, and one more that always catches me off guard

    candy 而不是 sweets (糖果)!喔,還有一件總是讓我措手不及的是

  • We say take out not take away when we go to a restaurant, and we want to take the food home

    當我們去餐廳,然後想要買餐點回家吃時,我們說 take out 而不是 take away (外帶)

  • So I think that you are properly prepared now to sound really American like a native speaker


  • So if you have questions about any of these points, I know I went really fast leave a comment


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  • Your questions if I make a video to answer them and make sure to visit me at


  • For more learning, and that's where you can get the English Fluency Formula ebook that I wrote for you as well


  • Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in another video lesson soon. Bye for now


Hey, Naturals. What's going on?



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