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(gentle music)
- I remember my first experience
of seeing this amazing production of art
that was different than what I had seen
and it was such a personal expression
by the person making it.
They may or may not have had language,
they may or may not been able to communicate with me,
but they're making this work.
That's really a window into their soul.
When you ask someone who's been disenfranchised
their entire life to tell me your story
it's amazing how the door opens.
(upbeat violin music)
Creative Growth Art Center is the oldest and largest
center for artists with disabilities in the world.
When we were founded, the idea of disability, then,
was so radically different than what it is now.
We didn't come out of a hospital setting
or we didn't come out of a vocational training program,
we came out of some artists getting together,
in a home in Oakland, putting paint on a table in the garage
and just saying, this is what artists do,
and this is how we can change the social fabric.
From those, kind of, humble beginnings,
we now serve 162 artists with disabilities
in our studio, every week.
It's a very big space.
Within that, you'll find almost every possible expression
of visual art.
You'll see the rug making area, the wood shop,
the ceramic studio, the fashion area,
the painting and drawing area
and everyone's working together
and everyone can see each other.
It's different than most places
and some people don't believe it.
Some people think, like, you must have doctors
and you must have all these other things
and how do you deal with the studio everyday.
It's like, no, you know, art is the common language.
And a lot of our folks don't verbalize or speak
or they speak sign language,
but art is the language that moves us forward.
- This is called the Oil Red Sea Number One.
Red is the only color I can see.
- [Tom] You look at work of an artist like Dan Miller,
ya know, he's pretty much non-verbal.
His mother tried to encourage him to speak
by telling him how to spell words when he was a boy,
every night, and he never spoke them
until he started to draw them.
- A light goes click, click, click.
- [Tom] Look at an artist like Monica Valentine,
she takes pins and she takes sequins and colored beads,
and she strings those together on the pin
and she puts them into styrofoam forms
to form these optically charged sculptures.
When you realize that Monica has prosthetic eyes
and can't see color or see anything,
it moves into this whole other range.
We want their own voice, we want it as pure
and personalized as it can be.
And 45 years later, it continues to work.
How's that building coming along, Pete?
- Slowly. - It's looking good.
The record of success that Creative Growth has
is phenomenal, it's off the charts
in terms of what an art school
or any other, sort of, enterprise
would consider to be acceptable.
We have three artists with work in the Museum of Modern Art
permanent collection in New York,
in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art collection.
And, this year, we have the first two people
with developmental disabilities,
they have work in the Venice Bienalle.
The Venice Bienalle is the most important, prestigious,
by invitation-only exhibition in the world.
Their work is sought after.
Ya know, a piece is done, and there's a waiting list.
Rosina, I haven't even said hello to you, yet, today.
- How are you? - Good.
To be able to work at a place like this
is beyond anything I had hoped for.
I get to work with phenomenally talented people,
and to see how they negotiate the day everyday,
how they get around obstacles, how they continue to say yes,
when everyone is telling them no,
that's an amazing thing.
That's a life lesson I get reminded of every single day.
(gentle music)


給身心障礙藝術家成長茁壯的空間 (Giving Artists With Disabilities a Space to Thrive)

4314 分類 收藏
Samuel 發佈於 2018 年 5 月 21 日    Evangeline 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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