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What if I told you you could start helping the planet and people around the world
right now, in three clicks and it doesn't cost you anything
Hi everyone, welcome to My Green Closet! Today's video is in partnership
with Ecosia which is a search engine that plants trees.
The way it works is the ad revenue from your searches,
you know those ads that appear at the top of your search results?
A percent of their profit goes towards funding
reforestation projects around the world. Now we all know that trees are good for
the planet but they also really help people and
communities so we're going to take a little trip with Ecosia to check out a
couple of their projects and first we're going to head to the 'True Village' in Madagascar
I am protecting this forest
people have come trying to steal our trees I told them you will have to carry
my body away dead. The forest is too important to our village
because we are protecting the forest we can actually survive on our own from the
land here and not have to rely on other places
but there is disaster just outside
all the villages near us have cut their forest down and now they struggle to survive
It's devastating but we have a plan to save our region.
Eden Reforestation Projects is partnering with us
The goal for the project is to replant the trees that were lost
to connect these new trees to the remaining forest
this replanted forest will reach all the way to all the villages
and even to the national reserve
My father will be proud
he used to say a healthy forest takes care of itself and every living things below
I love that video and I'm so excited to see how that project develops and the
next project we're going to check out is in Indonesia now recently I've become a
lot more aware of the effects of palm oil when it comes to deforestation and
this is particularly a big problem in Indonesia. People who own property with
forests have been turning them into palm oil plantations because it can be very profitable
So Ecosia is working with an organization that helps people grow
other trees which can also be profitable but don't cause deforestation.
I was born in the forest, I have the feelings that this is my obligations to keep the forest.
If the forest lost our culture is lost and then of course our future will be lost
The biggest threat, this you know palm oil?
It's just like a cancer
like a virus like that. It's like killing everything
The oil palm plantations offer the people good work.
the company promised them of the good salary
more of them only to become victims of their promise
I always trying to be optimist. I think it's the most important so we will keep
our fight, to show the people and to change their paradigm. It's not easy but we
will try to do the best way we have.
This is a sugar palm why I like it so
much is because it's really one of the most productive trees on the planet so a
full-grown tree can produce 200 litres of sugar water every day and if a
farmer gets good at tapping about 6 different trees a day he makes an
income that is 4 times the minimum wage here in Indonesia and the good thing
about this lovely tree is it will only grow in the mixed forest.
Dimin is boiling the sugar water that he got from his trees and after about 4 to 5 hours
of boiling this will turn into pure sugar. Sometimes they also boil it for say
only an hour or so and then it's a more thicker sugar water that one is mainly
used in the villages here because the real fine sugar gets a much much higher price
and that is also going to the international markets so I really
recommend you to buy that because you're directly supporting standing forests.
So like I said at the beginning this is literally the easiest thing you can do
you just switch your search browser and then roughly every 45 searches you do
with Ecosia plants one tree and Ecosia has created a special link so if you get
it through the link below it will not only track how many trees you plant but
also how many trees the My Green Closet community has planted so I'll be getting
updates on how many trees we've planted together which I think is so cool
Imagine - we are over sixty billion on the earth. If every day one person plant trees
for a year you can imagine how many trees would be planted
We would save the planet and we could make the Usambara and the
planet is the best place to live.
So I really hope you'll consider making the switch,
helping plant some trees and joining our community tree count.
Thank you so much to Ecosia for sponsoring this video and for the beautiful footage
of some of their projects! Thank you for watching and to those of you supporting
me on Patreon and I'll see you in the next one


透過搜尋引擎,你我現在就能幫助地球! (Super Simple way to Help People & the Planet )

2199 分類 收藏
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