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Let's get down to business.
...to defeat the Huns! Ha!
Hi, I'm Kelsi from VT English! Today, I'm going to teach you some idioms that are commonly used in business.
Get down to business
Our first phrase is "get down to business."
People say this when it's time to start focusing on work or the task at hand.
Did you hear about what happened to Candy?
Oh, yeah. Pretty crazy, right?
Uh... Whoops-a-daisy! Anyway, let's get down to business.
On track
If something is on track, it's going according to plan.
Basically, it's on the right trail or the right track,
just like a train stays on its track.
If something is not going well, you might need to get back on track.
Hey, how's that new project coming along?
Well, we ran into a couple of issues last week, so we're pretty delayed.
Hello? Yep, for sure. Everything's right on track. Trust me.
Wing it
The phrase "wing it" means improvise or do something without proper preparation.
It was originally slang used by actors when they didn't know their lines,
because they would use a prompter in the wings, or they would study their lines in the wings between scenes.
Hey, how's everything going?
That's great to hear.
Listen, we need to do a presentation tomorrow, and I think you would be the perfect person for the job.
Uh... I won't really have much time to--
It's not a problem. You can just wing it!
Not going to fly
If someone tells you something is not going to fly,
it means that they think your idea or plan is not going to be accepted by others,
or it's not going to be successful.
Hey William, do you want some cookies?
Thank you so much. I love these cookies
Um, by the way, I'd like to take next Friday off.
Mmm. That's not gonna fly.
These are so good. Mmm.
See eye to eye
If you see eye to eye with someone, you agree with them, or you have the same opinion as them.
Hey William, I'd like to ask you what you think of our latest packaging design.
I like the overall design, but I'm not sure about the color.
Okay. Well, we could do something a bit brighter. Maybe yellow?
I'm not a big yellow guy.
Then maybe a nice turquoise?
Or maybe red?
Red works, too.
Great idea!
I think we're seeing eye to eye now.
Touch base
To touch base means to contact someone or talk to them for a short time.
This phrase may have come from baseball, because players have to touch a base to be safe.
Alright. I'm gonna leave these documents with you, and we can touch base again sometime next week
Hi! Forgot my jacket, sorry!
Alright, it's about time we called it a day.
What does your boss say that bugs you the most?
Leave a comment below. And don't forget to subscribe!
See you next time, VoiceTubers!



VT English | 超實用!職場必備英文片語 (VT English | Common English Business Idioms)

20273 分類 收藏
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