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  • Let’s make the party snacks using the cute cutters.

  • First, dampen the cutter

  • and cut out the steamed rice into a rabbit shape.

  • Remove the rice from the cutter.

  • Coat the top of the rice with mayonnaise.

  • Cut out the cucumber slices

  • and place them onto the rice.

  • Next, cut out the sliced cheese

  • and the kamaboko fish cake

  • and then stack them on top of each other.

  • Gently place the snack onto a plate

  • and garnish with 2 red eyes cut out from a paprika pepper.

  • You can make a variety of party snacks using these cute cutters.

  • And now, here is how to enter the giveaway.

  • Leave a comment to this video

  • on how you found your favorite Japanese dish.

  • You can enter only ONCE

  • and the entry will be closed on Nov. 6th Japan Time.

  • See more details in the video description.

  • Please check out runny-san and ochikeron-san’s video

  • to triple the chance to win.

  • They have the same type of cute cutters for giveaway.

  • Good luck on your entry!

Let’s make the party snacks using the cute cutters.


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關閉:贈品 可愛的剪子:萬聖節派對零食 萬聖節派對零食 (CLOSED: Giveaway Cute Cutters: Halloween Party Snacks ハロウィンパーティースナック)

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