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  • - [Announcer] The era of television.

  • - [Announcer] The greatest advance in television.

  • - [Richard] In the '60s and '70s, TV had become such an icon

  • that, that artists couldn't resist just fooling with it.

  • - It was all pretty much new,

  • and it was really taking sort of your standard TV sets

  • and just making it really crazy.

  • But the inherent vice of televisions

  • is it is a consumer electronic.

  • - Unlike painting and sculptures,

  • these electronic pieces, they could just go any time.

  • That was always the big threat to this in a museum.

  • - [Jennifer] You have these pieces that if it breaks down,

  • what do you do?

  • - The first person we call is CT Lui.

  • - Lui's always been the first person we go to.

  • - It's because of my father,

  • they're able to be maintained, they're able to be shown,

  • they're able to be put out in the world.

  • - [Peter] Within the conservation field,

  • this is critically necessary.

  • You can see just the enthusiasm he has for this technology.

  • (gentle music)

  • (upbeat music)

  • - [Jennifer] When people started using video,

  • it was sort of this experimental media, so everybody was sort of wanting

  • to know how it worked, what you could do with it.

  • - Any major institution that has video art,

  • probably my father has touched in some way.

  • - [Jennifer] The Whitney.

  • - [Jennifer] The Met.

- [Announcer] The era of television.


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電視機維修的精湛藝術 (The Fine Art of Television Repair)

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