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It's a good reminder that things...
Things were good, and will be again.
They are good.
In 2016, over 800000 couple divorced in the US.
How many stay friends?

They both want to be friends.
I'm Sara Piergiuseppe, and today I'm gonna be looking at
my wedding pictures with my ex-husband.
This should be interesting.
We met through friends.
Well, technically, we met in a bar, but we knew people,
so it feels a little less sleazy.
She had a red top on.
I was smitten from go, and she was playing it
too cool for school.
It was not a match, at first.
I really wasn't interested, but he grew on me,
and he asked me out, probably like a month later.
Our first date was on August the 9th.
The rest is history, and now we're here.
Within, I'd say, about a year of dating,
we moved in together.
And then we got engaged, it was a year and a half later.
New Year's Eve, at a Black Crowes concert,
after one too many drinks, I said to her,
"I have no ring, I have no money."
"But I love you,
and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Will you marry me?"
She said, "Yes."
And, we woke up the next morning, she looked at me and said,
"You still wanna do this?"
I was like, "Yeah."
And my mom got sick, she got diagnosed with cancer,
and so we knew that she wasn't gonna make it.
So we actually did a Justice of the Peace ceremony
in December, but the wedding-wedding
I just wanted a big party.
It was wonderful, it was awesome.
So after we got married, he switched jobs.
Now we're working all the time,
we don't really see much of each other.
I'm getting up at 4:30 in the morning and I'm out.
I think the things that affected the marriage is,
just time away from each other between
his work and me doing theater.
I was just getting more and more frustrated.
Not with her.
More with just, I really don't like the way
my life is going at this point.
The marriage was good.
It was just, we got to a point we weren't
a married couple anymore,
we we're just two people living in the same house,
and it needed to end.
That was the end of the chapter.
He actually was the one that brought it up.
He was like, "I think we should separate."
It was really tough, it was not easy.
We basically went from roommates who get along,
to roommates who don't get along,
who don't even want to be in the same room with each other.
Obviously, it hurt.
But looking back, it was the right move for both of us.
I moved to New Orleans for six months.
I was not in a good place, drank way too much.
She was one of the people I turned to.
Why did you want to do this video?
I wanted to find a way for us to be friends.
I don't have a lot of people, and I don't want to lose this.
So I wanted to figure out a way to remain friends.
Just kinda looking forward to seeing these pictures
of people we haven't seen in such a long time.
I think it might just kind of
give a little bit of closure.
I'm a little bit nervous.
How are ya?
Yeah, super fun standing outside of the door.
Waiting for people.
- Yeah, I'm so patient. - Yes you are.
You know how patient I am.
I like this.
I think, Buffalo Exchange?
- Cool. - Cool.
So what lovely things did you say about me?
You're a terrible person.
I was glad to be out of this.
I don't know why I'm doing this
- Well, I'm super happy to be here. - I'm doing this for the money.
I'm gonna go.
Hopefully this isn't one of those things that,
in concept
It sounded like a good idea but now after looking at it,
we're like...
No, I think it'll be fine.
It'll be fine.
Let's look at pictures.
You wanna look at these?
Should we do it?
I really seriously haven't looked at these in forever.
Aw look, there's your hair.
There's my hair, yeah.
What the fuck?
Honestly, there are a lot of people here too,
that we don't
- We don't see anymore or not hear anymore.- Don't... yeah... so.
You know, it's a good reminder that things...
Things were good, and will be again.
They are good.
I think that there's a stigma attached to divorce.
It's always gotta be bad,
and it doesn't always have to be bad.
You kind of can choose depending on the scenario.
Just have as much respect for yourself, and for the other person, as humanly possible.
Thank you for being here, and being you,
and not just walking away.
Thanks for sticking it out with me,
and wanting to still be my friend,
and making sure I was okay when I got back.
Cause I wasn't.
I know.
Could've easily gone the other way, and...
Okay, I'm gonna hug you.



當離婚夫婦再次翻開結婚典禮的照片 (Divorced Couple Looks At Their Wedding Photos)

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